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English?! 뭐?!

Omg, I found this amazing song and I absolutely love it! I can not gush more about it. It’s so cute and innocent. I live the lyrics, the singer’s voice and the beat. It’s my new favorite song and guess what, it’s in English. Which is a weird thought because I have been listening to mainly k-pop(Seventeen) or k-rock (DAY6). So anyway it’s called “would you be so kind” it’s by dodie. I adore this song and I recommend it to everyone. I also find it interesting to read the comment section on YouTube because it’s so sweet, with lots of people being like “100 likes and I’ll send this to my crush.” Then they do and it’s kind of sad when they get regected but so cute when they say “I sent this to my crush and now we’re dating.” It’s absolutely adorable. I give those people props for sending it to their crushes. I honestly would never do that. Anyway, go listen to the song. I hope you like it.

~ hiddengirl75


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