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Tagging Stories with Color: Webtoon and Music

Heyo peeps…this has been sitting in my drafts waiting to be finished for a while now, but school sucks so I wasn’t able to finish it until now. Anyway, thank you to Annie from evening tea musings for tagging me in this challenge! I’m so excited so let’s just dive right in.



#1 Share your favorite stories—movies/books/anime/manga/drama/songs—by classifying them on these seven colors’ traits: 

  • red: passionate, exciting, invigorating
  • blue: peaceful, calming
  • pink: romantic, caring
  • orange: warm, motivating
  • black: mysterious, thrilling
  • green: fresh, unexpected
  • white: random

#2 Send this challenge invitation to at least one of your friends. Let them fear your superiority, as you—decide their fate.

#3 Link back to the original post here! And, enjoy!

Note: It’s always recommended for you to thank (or link back to) the people who nominated you, but if you think there’s already an unbreakable bond between you and the challengers, then feel free to drop the courtesy.


Word of caution I struggled with categorizing and explaining a lot of these.


For red I decided to focus on the word ✨passionate✨ as I wasn’t sure what could be considered more invigorating than being inspired by another person’s passion. While reading both Gourmet Hound and Annarasumanara I was inspired by their love for cooking and magic respectively.

Gourmet Hound” (by Leehama) tells the story of Lucy and the ex-chefs of her favorite restaurant, Diamche. It all starts off when the kitchen staff changes and the cooking that Lucy used to love disappears. She then sets out on the journey to rediscover that “perfect taste.”

Her journey is full of her own passion for food and the passion of the chefs’ that surround her. As the reader you receive a sample of the passion a person feels when they love what they do. It’s a lovely story that I highly recommend.

Do you believe in magic? That’s the question that is most prominent in “Annarasumanara” (by Ilkwon Ha). It follows the story of Yun Ah-ee, the magician (L), and Na Il-Dung. Ah-ee rediscovers her belief in magic when she meets L. L shares his passion for magic with her and gives magic back to her. The story often refers to being trapped on an asphalt road of expectations, but with their passion for magic they are able to break free from others expectations.

Really this story tells the readers to follow their dreams and to make their own paths. As a reader you get to see how having passion in life can be the most important thing. I highly recommend it as it can really change some perspectives.



I really struggled with this category, I just wasn’t sure what was calming or peaceful because I hardly ever listen to mellow music I’d rather drown my thoughts out with rock music. I guess I’m never really relaxed lol.

Don’t Run Away” is an OST for A-Teen, one of my favorite k-dramas from Playlist Global. It’s sung by Motte who’s voice is so calming, it lulls me into a sense of security. The song’s lyrics sing of trusting others and not pushing people away. It’s a really beautiful song that I adore and recommend.

Little Rain” (by Mai) is a new feature to Webtoon and it’s very calming. Not much of the storyline is known yet but it follows unlucky Lisa and her cat Rain who’s a guardian angel with memory loss.

The colors are really mellow tones and the background ambience is everything. In each episode, so far, there’s background music that varies with different weather ambiences and white noises. This has elevated “Little Rain” from it’s time in Discover. I highly recommend it if you need something relaxing to read.



I absolutely adore “#muted” (by kandismon) with Jasper and Kai. It starts with Jasper meeting Kai, a boy who doesn’t speak. As they face the trials and tribulations of a relationship Jasper does his best to support Kai. Their story is a lovely but realistic romance with ups and downs but still full of caring. It melts my heart and the art style is beautiful. Highly recommend!

It can be found in the Discover/Canvas section of Webtoon.

You & Me (Thanks AROHA)” comes from ASTRO’s special album Winter Dream. It’s one of the songs I put on when I feel down and need to smile. It just makes me feel so cared for and appreciated.

It’s an upbeat song that’s dedicated to AROHA, ASTRO’s fans. The lyrics talk about how happy their fans make them and recollecting upon fond memories. It also thanks their fans for supporting them and how in the future they hope to make us smile.



Crumbs” (by Whithering) takes place in a world where magic is the norm and getting a slice of romance isn’t too hard. The story follows a young seer named Ray and with her order of hot tea and a slice of romance, we meet Laurie, a familiar face at the bakery Ray loves. Love is in the air as Ray and Laurie learn how to balance a relationship and their dreams.

I absolutely love this webtoon, it just gives such a warm feeling. Ray and Laurie’s relationship offers the wholesomeness of having a crush and the warmth that comes with a caring partner. They motivate each other to follow their dreams and support decisions made even when they don’t totally agree. It’s just so cute and I just love the idea of magic being normalized. I totally recommend reading it!

Seventeen’s song “My My” from their mini album Heng:garæ tells us that everything’s okay. It’s motivating and comforting all at once. It ensures listeners that it’s okay to move at their own pace and that where they are in life is just fine. While also encouraging listeners to reach for their dreams and to make their own path in life.

A few of my favorite lines are:

  • “Nothing’s set in stone”
  • “No need to rush, you’re doing fine”
  • “Just stay as you are”



Purple Hyacinth” (by Ephemerys / Sophism) is a thrilling mystery that follows Lauren, a police officer who can detect lies, as she teams up with Kieran, a deadly assassin, to bring down a notorious crime organization that connects a to a gruesome event that haunts Lauren’s past.

The twists, turns, and constant danger of this webtoon keeps readers on their toes. Cliffhangers are deadly and keep you wanting more. The art is also really lovely, with striking color. I would definitely recommend it!

I was really conflicted when deciding where to put this song, I almost put it into the green category. I think that the concept is just so cool, but I ultimately decided that it belonged here because of it’s mysterious tones and background story.

DONGKIZ’s song “LUPIN” is upbeat and smooth, heavily referencing the gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin. With the Netflix series “Lupin” (Totally recommend watching, in the original French w/subs, of course) I’ve fallen even more in love with this song. The choreo is also so cool, I’ve watched the dance versions so many times because I just couldn’t get my mind around the magic acts they incorporated into it! O.o I definitely recommend watching it, even if only to see how smoothly they did the moves that involved the magic acts.



This category was rather hard for me to find a song for so I only have a webtoon. :/

Blades of Furry” (by Deya Muniz / Emily Erdos) is a webtoon I never knew I needed. The story heavily involves the sport of Skate Battles, a mix of figure skating and martial arts. We follow up-and-coming skater Emile and his relationship with the famous senior skater Radu. In a match between the two, Emile discovers a secret that could ruin Radu. Which sends the two spiraling into cahoots and love?

Though fairly new with only 26 episodes, I adore Emile and Radu. The plot and universe it lives in is so unique and refreshing! I also find the idea of Skate Battles so interesting, it’d be so cool to watch irl. 10/10 would recommend!



I just really love these webtoons, they are HILARIOUS. Both can be found in the canvas section, previously known as discover.

Here’s The SHITuation” (by Daica.) is the story of 4 amazing friends, adorable ships, and their shenanigans. We follow Robyn, a fangirl for dramas and their clichés, as she tries to get her best friend Irene, a cat lover, together with Edison, a shy cat owner. Ian, a romance skeptic, and Edison’s best friend comes along for the ride. Who knows what will happen next?

Humor Me” (by Marvin.W) follows Charlie as she just tries to get through high school and life while taking care of her younger brother. It doesn’t help that her school does allow jobs, everyone thinks she’s a guy (though maybe that’s a positive?), and famous James Hardford thinks she’s stalking him.




It has been a journey finishing up this blog post. I’ve had loads of fun but gosh it has taken me forever to finish it and I’m so sorry for that. I blame my tardiness mostly on school, I started writing this during my spring break and now it’s been summer break for a few weeks now. >~< I hope you guys enjoyed it though, I loved recommending my favorite webtoons and hope that maybe some of them struck an interest. Also if I tagged you, I hope you have fun completing this tag!!

Thank you again to Annie for tagging me!!

Until we meet again…stay safe ❤


P.S. None of the photos are mine besides the featured image.