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CLC Comeback : Devil

Did I find a new group to love, from my youtube recommendations? Heck Yeah! So I was scrolling through my recommended videos on my youtube and stumbled onto this amazing group. Their songs are so good and I absolutely love their music! I can’t believe that I have never listened to them before. If you don’t know who they are, CLC is a seven member girl group, under cube entertainment that debuted in 2015. Can you believe it, they have been a group since 2015 and people have yet to fully appreciate them! Anyway back to the main topic, their most recent comeback, Devil.

Okay, so let’s talk about those vocals. Their singing is so smooth but powerful and I just love the sound. I don’t know the technical term for it but when Elkie sings “I tried to be so polite.” It sounded so good, I picked up that a lot of them use this technique or put emphasis on certain parts this same way and it just sounds amazing. OMG, and the rap, that was so well articulated. I just don’t know all the technical terms and can’t express what I’m thinking, it’s just slightly frustrating.

I really like the instrumentals in the background. I’m not an amazing musician so I can’t tell what instrument is exactly in the background, but the mix sounds good. I think that the beat matches with the song very nicely. I liked the strumming in the background in the beginning and throughout the song. I think that starting off with the strumming seperated in the beginning was a smart move and then when the other sounds jump in it mixes well. I really liked the drop at 1:50 in the song, I think it had a good, pregnant pause affect. I also like the clapping or snares, or maybe it’s a tambourine in the background, it might be all of them. I’m not quite sure. Now, onto the music video….

I love their denim looks in this video. Okay, so maybe I don’t like a lot of denim personally but they pull it off well, since they’re, well you know Kpop idols. I love how the music video switches between colorful, denim, and the dark look. My favorite looks in this music video is probably Elkie, her hair is so pretty and honestly she’s really pretty. They are all super pretty, but Elkie honestly caught my eye first. Their acting in this music video was also very interesting. The short pops of surprise from the victim when something bad happen and the one who caused it giving a small shrug of discare. It really added to the music video. I also liked when they did the dark background and only one person was in the spotlight as they sung.

They haven’t released a dance practice video yet, at least that I know of, but from the video the choreography looks pretty interesting. I haven’t seen much of their dancing style yet but the choreography seems to follow the basic girl group choreography. With the hand snapping and switching between hands, I’m not sure how to describe it but you understand what I am saying. There are certain parts where it does look a bit intense but the girls pull it off very well.

Well that’s all I have for now, so please go and support CLC by watching the music video and voting for them on Starplay.

So until we meet again..