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Like you

It’s not like I wanted to hate you
But you made it hard not to
Made me feel boring and so small

Everything was wrong

But it was like looking in a mirror
Could I be like you?

It feels weird to hate you 
When we had so much in common 

A tv show you mentioned 
I watch now
And love
Feeling sick 
Because it makes us that much more alike 

I found a music channel 
That you’d probably like 
I was so close to sending it 
But then it’s just be something else we share

It sucks to know so much about you
Cause it means you pop up everywhere
And memories of our conversations 
Flood my head

And it’s not like I wanted to hate you
I don’t 

But when
I’m reminded of everything wrong that you’ve done
I feel a little better 
Because there’s no way
I could be like you. 

~ calista



- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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