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Poem + Small Update

Hi…this is awkward. It’s been a while, and my schedule is no longer alive…sorry. Anyway, I’m going on winter break soon so hopefully, I’ll be getting out all the posts that I’ve been mean to but for now, have this poem that I got inspired to write and have rewritten many times and am still not completely satisfied with it but I need some kind of validation.

Over it

So I have this thing
You can call it a crush, 
If you want

I thought it was a blip
An illogical thought
And sometimes I still think it is 

So I tell myself I’m over it

The way she smiles catches me off guard

I’m over it but… 
My breath catches when I’m next to her

There’s a million things that should throw me off 
So I’m over it but…
I find everything so endearing 

I’m not in stats 
But I know it’s all highly improbable 
So I’m completely and totally over it

But…what does it mean when I’m blanking on a math test and she’s all I can think of?

I’m over it but…
Instead of doing homework I’m writing my first poem in forever
About her

But I’m over it…
Even though she’s the one I look to, not the camera

I say I’m over it but…
When she texts I fumble for a response
And when she doesn’t, I hope every notification is her

Denial isn't pretty but neither is rejection 
And that’s all I can think about as I watch her walk away

So I’m completely and totally over it…
But the class we share has got me in a mess  

Love you guys ❤


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Fun Friday: Unfinished Poems

Hi! Look at me, I managed to get out two posts, better than last week. I also got today off from school, so I guess that probably helped me. Anyway, Happy 🍟 day!! I’m having a great day, I went to a meeting online and finished up some of my homework. I’ve been very productive today and now I’m vibing to music while writing this. I hope y’all (hmm…feels weird to type that) have had a good day too.

So, since I haven’t written a full blown out poem in a while I figured why not share the fragments I’ve written. These are the stanzas that haven’t been finished, lines that have been floating in my book, and poems that have yet to be polished off. I still plan to use these lines, I just haven’t found the perfect words for them yet.

I hope you enjoy the mess that is my writing process. 🙂

Words >>>>

Days are like
Driving down a suburban street 
Where all the houses look the same

I am at that age
Ya know the one colleges look at 
Well...I'm terrified 
and I mean truly terrified 
that no college will accept me

I am made of my memories 
and yet on paper, colleges do not care
about my pet rock from kindergarten 
it helped me out a lot i swear!

it's not healthy 
staying up late
crying to music
staring at homework
but since when was being a teenager healthy? 

I talked with on of my friends recently
About facades and appearances 

You have a voice that makes words sound like poetry

Their favorite color is red 
and suddenly mine is too

To be called...

That's what I dream of

Well… that’s all I have for now folks. I think it’s fairly apparent what most of these fragments are about or could be about so I decided to not really explain them since I almost never explain my poems. But, I’m definitely going to try and finish some of theses so be on the look out.

Until we meet again…stay safe ❤


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Can I drown out my thoughts...please? 
The music isn’t loud enough
The silence allows too much

Too much

I’m tired
Can it stop? please...


I’m so alone
Lost in my thoughts

Can I drown them?
Before they drown me
How the tables would turn

Maybe not
I don’t deserve it
Maybe I should drown
It’s not too much
Not a problem
My thoughts
Not too intrusive

I can drown
Let the darkness consume me
Just a while longer

Maybe they’ll disappear
Just let them take me

The lyrics
The song
Too quiet
Not enough


Thoughts persevere
I can float a while longer
Save the others, not me…

Until we meet again…have all my love and stay safe ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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Random Question

Random question… 
How are you doing today?

We haven’t talked in a while
And I fear we are drifting away

I tell myself it’s logical
We were not meant to be
But deep inside I wonder
Then why did we meet?

I know it sounds cliche 
Like a silly love story
But our friendship is important
So can it please not be

Not all relationships are fairy tales
And ours certainly is not
I thought we’d be friends forever 
But it turns out we may not

I drifted away 
And you’ve disappeared
At least that’s how I see it

On other days I wonder
Could I be misled?
Maybe I disappeared
And you’ve drifted away
But who knows how you see it 

I tell myself it’s logical
To stay far away
I’ll be safer
And away from heartbreak

You have not texted me
And I have not messaged you

There are days where I falter
And reach out to text you
It’s almost second nature
With the 24/7 texting
We used to do

Now it’s been 2 months 
And I wonder if you miss me too…
Though you probably do not
And I probably meant nothing to you

So I stay away
Convincing myself that’s the truth
If you wanted to talk to me
You would have
But there’s nothing I can do.

Hi, this was a really old poem, well not REALLY old, but pretty old. It doesn’t really mean the same thing it meant when I first wrote it but I still really like it so I decided to post it anyway. I can’t remember why I didn’t post it when I originally wrote it but here it is now. 🙂

Until we meet again…have all my love and stay safe ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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I feel lost
And shaken

In my chest
This heavy feeling
Don’t ask me
I don’t know why


I feel like I’m drowning

Then again,
It’s nothing like drowning

I’ve been close once
To drowning
I mean

This is nothing like that

I can’t-
I’m panicked
I can’t-

My brain hurts
And my chest is heavy

I feel so lost

Can’t breath
Chest heavy

Why? please...

Until we meet again…have all my love ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

P.P.S. I don’t necessarily think this is a good poem, but I decided to post it anyway because I figured that poetry isn’t black and white, good or bad, and if anything it’ll just show that sometimes I write bad poetry, or at least something that I think is bad.

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I love the night
My thoughts flow freely
An abundance of poems,
Stars, dreams…

It’s warm
Soft noises
Pen scratching

I love the night

It’s quiet

My thoughts flow

The silence
It’s cold
My bones hurt
It’s deafening

Lights are bright
Stars invisible
Dreams Nightmares

I hate the night

Until we meet again…

~hiddengirl75 ❤

P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

P.P.S. A new video is going to be posted on my youtube channel around now, look out for it! It’s one of my more recent poems and I had planned for it to be the first poem I did in spoken word but that obviously changed lol. Thanks for your support!

I did a thing…

Hi! So it’s really late at night for me, 12:33 am to be precise, and I have done a thing. I also have homework I really need to do so I’m going to keep this shortish…

Basically I have a youtube channel now. O.o

Yeah, I know I can barely keep up with blogging and now a youtube channel…I’m insane. But the idea of turning my poems into Spoken Word Poetry has been floating in my head since I first listened to a video from luna poems. (She’s great >_<)

So yeah…my first video…check it out maybe? Don’t hate on me please…I am a nervous wreck that can’t really take criticism.

Until we meet again…have all my love ❤


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Ready or NOT

I'm scared
Not ready to be an adult.

College student
Not college 
Who knows

Middle school me had everything figured out
Ready to leave the state 

Now I don't know anything
Don't want to study for tests 
Or walk the stage 

I just want to be a kid
Twirl around in the rain 
Be rebellious

Stay out past midnight 
Pancakes at 2 in the morning 
Drive around with no destination 

There's 2 years 'til I walk that stage 
No drivers license yet 
Or broken rules

I've laid low 
Stayed safe 
And studied for those tests 

I'm tired 
And I just want to be a kid

Until we meet again…be a kid, have fun ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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There’s an itch
At the very back of my head 
“I did something wrong”
“It’s my fault” 

I am 
Of rejection

And now, 
It’s staring me in the face

Messages unread
Only my bubbles to fill the gap

I’ve tried again
“Maybe I’m overthinking it” 
“It was just bad timing” 
But at some point
It becomes pointless

Too scared
To ask
To confront
Too scared of rejection

So the itch remains
“I was too clingy” 
“Too pushy” 

“Maybe it all meant nothing” 
“I didn’t pay enough attention”

“I overshared” 
“Didn’t listen” 

Texts remain unanswered
The itch growing stronger
An added ache in my stomach

I think I’ll just give up now
That’s the answer

A void
A gap

It hurts

The itch remains
Egged on by my fear
Maybe my pride
“I won’t text first” 

… *hiddengirl75 is typing*

Until we meet again…stay safe ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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I’m sick
For my second home
It’s not a place but rather people
Memories that I’ve made 
With the kids, I knew in 2nd grade

I miss the smiles and the laughter
The events that felt like an escape
I remember everything quite fondly
Even the moments that made me want to run away

There’s a warmth that I’ve associated with them
A feeling that I’ve longed for
Smiles that felt like hugs and yet,
Old pictures make me feel sick
An emptiness inside
Making me want to cry

I dream about meeting up
Imagining interactions
Fond recounts
And catching up

But when I run into them
It’s awkward
I run away
Or shift, stand and smile
Conversations do not flow
Like I had hoped
But rather my words get jumbled
No longer do they feel like home

So I retreat 
To my memories
Where they still feel like home
And dream of the times
Smiles were hugs


P.S. I have a Talk Story blog post coming out soon for a tag I was nominated to do, and I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to do it but school has been draining my creativity :/

So, I hope you enjoy this poem that came from a burst of creativity and nostalgia. 💕