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It was easy to be your friend
Because you put in all the effort

Asked all the questions I was used to asking
Listened when it felt like my friends weren’t 
Made me laugh. 

In a twisted way, it felt like you got me 

You’re stuck in my head
Because you’re the only one 
Who’s ever shown interest 
Like that. 

I love the possibility you hold
The fact that something like that
Could happen to me 
Even if it crumbled in the end

When did it fall apart?
When I realized or solidified that you were in for far more than I intended?

I was not oblivious 
I could tell that some part of your intentions were…
But I pushed it aside 
Let myself be naive 

But now, 
You know my secrets 
And that scares me

I know yours too
But that only worries me

It was so easy 
It made me uneasy 

It was easy 
Until it wasn’t 

~ calista



- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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