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Falling in love with lyrics

To my friends, enemies, and those still under review,

Mornings in my 10th-grade English teacher’s classroom are my new favorite thing. She has this way of pointing out the best parts of a song and making you love it. It’s lovely and also sort of bittersweet to be in a room of hopeless (or not) romantics. I’m definitely one of the hopeless romantics, and I adore the way artists have a way with words.

Some of my favorites πŸ’—

I’ll be pulling out the parts of the song that my teacher originally pointed out and then the ones that I clung to after listening to the song a million times.

πŸ’– Angel Baby by Troye Sivan


“I always dreamed of a solemn face
Someone who feels like a holiday


“Play me the classics
Something romantic

“I fall in love with the little things

πŸ’– Love Song by Travis Atreo


“If you’re the actor, I’ll be the stage


“If I could find the words to tell you how I feel
I’m afraid they’d take up pages

“If you’re a picture, then I’m your shot

πŸ’– Stay by JC Stewart

My stupid heart, what have you done?

πŸ’– CWJBHN by Jake Scott and Josie Dunne

You said your favorite kinda weather is a rainy day
And it’s raining in LA

πŸ’– Gravity by Frances and Leo Stannard

You’re my gravity

My additions πŸ’•

Here are a few songs that my teacher hasn’t pointed out but I feel give off the same vibes.

πŸ’– Like My Father by Jax

I can’t pick one lyric because I love this entire song…even though it makes me sad enough to cry sometimes.

πŸ’– Like Strangers Do by AJ Mitchell

“And the sound of your laugh when I say something funny
But nobody heard it, except for you

“If you saw me on the train would you look the other way?
Like strangers do
And if you passed me on the street
Would you look down at your feet
And move on through?
Like strangers do

πŸ’– golden hour by JVKE

It’s hard to pick a lyric from this song because, well it’s not so much the lyrics but the sound of this song that draws me to it.

Are you a romantic? Tell me what your favorite romance song is in the comments! I’m always looking for new music to listen to ^^

Until we meet again…

~ calista

P.S. Featured photo byΒ Disha ShetaΒ fromΒ Pexels