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Fun Friday: Me and Music Tag

Heyo peeps! Happy 🍟 day!

Today, I decided to do the Me and Music tag. I first saw this tag from Riddhi @ Whispering Stories and thought it looked fun. A thanks to her for leaving a nomination open for anyone to do.

Without further ado let’s begin!!


The Rules

  • Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
  • For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics)
  • Have fun and play your music LOUD!

You will notice that I have used Sophie’s graphics, they were just too cute not to.


Apologizes in advance for if I repeat songs that I’ve already recommended before…they were probably just too good not to associate the prompt with them.

Cool Down – Kolohe Kai // “We’re living in Hawaii with Aloha and pride, yeah”

He Mele No Lilo – Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu

Bamboo – Kimie Miner // “Oh love it’s true the storms will come but we’ll make it through”

Freckles and Constellations – Dodie // “All those cute conversations” // “I’m star struck, for you” // “Never had a moment that was quite like this”

Hopelessly – Reinaeiry // “I’m a hopeless romantic” // “Great poets are made of
Unrequited love.”

All My Love – SEVENTEEN // “Hello my joy” // “I’ll become your umbrella in the rain”

I don’t know why but I really struggled with this prompt. Maybe I don’t dance around to music as often as I thought I do? Idk…

Super Trouper – ABBA // “Feeling like a number one”

I love ABBA and I can not stress that enough. I also adore all the different recordings of the classic songs from A*Teens and the Mamma Mia cast. Not only must I dance but I must sing along.

The Coast of Galiçia – Celtic Woman

This song is an instrumental/orchestra piece so there are no lyrics but it’s so fun to twirl around to. I first listened to this song while reading a dancing scene from a fanfic and I fell in love with it. If you read fanfics from the Harry Potter fandom I totally recommend it, it’s called, “What the Room Requires.”

Better When I’m Dancin’ – Meghan Trainor // “Just move those left feet” // “Prove to them you’ve got the moves” // “We knew that you could do it”

Elephant Love Medley – Moulin Rouge

I must admit that I’ve never made it through one sitting of Moulin Rouge. But, this song was on my parent’s wedding video and I absolutely love it.

Don’t Lose Your Head – Six the Musical // “I didn’t really mean it but rumours spiral”

I adore this whole musical, the songs are so fun to sing. This historical inspiration behind it is tragic but it’s still a fun album to listen to.

Good Enough – A Week Away // “Not exactly what the kids these days are calling cool” // “Don’t let them tell you you’re not good enough” // “You just gotta be you, don’t break yourself apart”

I found myself really surprised when I realized how many songs on this soundtrack I actually liked. Normally I’m not very into religious/Christian songs, but this soundtrack was very subtle. My two other favorite songs from this movie were “Let’s Go Make a Memory” and “Best Thing Ever.”

Anybody Have a Map? – Dear Evan Hansen // “Another stumble as I’m reaching for the right thing to say”

I love the entire album but I relate to this song a lot. I know it’s about parenting but just being in high school is confusing. It’d be great to have a map lol.

People I Don’t Like – UPSAHL // “Yeah, I don’t really wanna be here like, ah-ah-ah-ah” // “So let’s pretend we like each other”

This song got me through the majority of my sophomore year group projects. I don’t necessarily love group projects…really I hate them, but sometimes they are just unavoidable. I found peace in this song when I really felt done with my group members.

Awesome God/God Only Knows – A Week Away // “All the memories, they somehow never leave you” // “God only knows how it’s killing you”

We Still (Be With U) – ASTRO // “I’ll protect you, an unchanging confession” // “I will pick you up, don’t be alone”

I adore ASTRO, they’re one of my favorite groups. Normally I would say You & Me is my comfort song from them but since I believe I mentioned it before I decided to pick one of their other songs.

Stay Beautiful – Jamie // “Don’t let these haters come by” // “You better hold your head high”

There are two versions of this song I like the first version a lot, but the Jamie ver. is also very good.

Halfway Around The World – A*Teens // “Halfway around the world. That won’t stop me from loving you.”

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride – Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu // “There’s no place I’d rather be, then on my surfboard out at sea”

Let me be clear that I do not know how to surf lol. I also don’t exactly like going to the beach…but this song was on the radio constantly when I was in elementary. My class even did our May day dance to it one year.

Count on Me – Bruno Mars // “You’ll always have my shoulder when you cry”

I used to listen to a LOT of Bruno Mars when my mom and I were in the car. Mostly because we had the album this song came from on CD but we also liked the songs.

What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction // “You’re insecure, don’t know what for”

I was never really a big fan of One Direction, don’t get me wrong their songs are really good, but I wasn’t one of those people with posters of them hanging on my walls. I just remember listening to this song a lot in the car, it was also the song picked for my summer fun’s end of summer dance program.

Into the I-Land – IU // “Let’s do our best, let’s just try”

I love IU’s version but I also really like the Final Version from the I-Land Applicants.

Dear Me – Taeyeon // “I trust myself” // “See how I’ve endured through the long darkness”

Left & Right – SEVENTEEN // “Keep your eyes wide open and your chin up” // “Let’s go together with no worries”

Kiss Me – Sixpence None The Richer // “Oh, kiss me, beneath the milky twilight” // “Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance”

Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denvers // “Kiss me and smile for me” // “Hold me like you’ll never let me go”

I like most versions of this song but I’m particularly fond of The Macarons Project cover of it.

Fly Me to the Moon – Frank Sinatra // “Let me play among the stars” // “In other words, hold my hand”

Head Over Heels – The Go-Go’s // “It looked so easy. But you know looks sometimes deceive” // “Looks like the whole world’s out of sync”

I adore older music, and I have so many more favorite songs but I held myself back.

I Hear a Symphony – Cody Fry // “Perfection is so quick to bore”

Remember – WINNER // “There’s no good in ending us” // “We carrying nothing but a goring burden” // “So I put “SORRY” ten times for sure”

Us, Again – SEVENTEEN // “One day, we’re gonna have a lot of waves” // “We sing together again, until that day”

So, these songs probably won’t make everyone cry but for me I start tearing up every time. It’s probably my fault that I associate the first song with crying because when I first listened to it I was watching a sad(ish) animatic. The other two are just well I guess I’m afraid of good things ending. It’s hard to imagine your favorite band/group/friendships breaking up, and these songs really strike those cords for me. Seventeen also has a song, “Smile Flower,” that made me cry when I first listened to it and read the lyrics too.

7up – Boy in Space // “I promise I will love you even with my broken heart” // “I don’t really mind ’cause I love you” // “And I was writing poetry about you everyday”

Good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo // “You look happy and healthy, not me” // “You’re doing great out there without me, baby” // “Like a damn sociopath”

Retro Love – BOYHOOD // “Because you are just you without any ‘Why'”

picking flowers – kayden // “What happened to all the dreams that we had?” // “When it was easy to be grateful”

I didn’t really pay much attention to these songs’ lyrics before this…now they seem so sad. But they’re so catchy and will remain on repeat for a while to come.

For some reason this was the last prompt I filled out. It’s not that I don’t have favorite lyrics, it’s just that I like so many songs lyrics (if that’s not obvious from the lyrics I pulled in the previous prompts lol).

Simple – Woozi (from SEVENTEEN) // “Happiness is only a word” // “In this exit-less, maze-like world” // “I hope we can all smile when the night is over”

A Good Song Never Dies – Saint Motel // “The first time it made you cry, the first time you felt alive”

Shop Of Wonders – Reinaeiry // “Am I loved in a photograph?” // “Don’t need money / To spend my time with you” // “You’ll be my song / I’ll be your melody”

dancing in the kitchen – Zachary Knowles // “I just wanna dance with you” // “Let’s get dressed up for no occasion” // “We’ll stay up talking ’til it’s light out”

I’ve decided to skip this prompt because I’ve never really kept up with what songs are on the charts…like I might like a popular song but I won’t know if it’s on the Billboard’s Hot 100.

Come and Get It – Selena Gomez

I must say that this is not my favorite song. It is however very strongly ingrained into my memory after spending a good portion of my summer listening to it. I forget how old I was but my friends at summer fun decided they wanted to dance to this song for the talent show. I was not apart of the routine. However, in order to practice with music they requested to borrow our leader’s phone. I got to be the responsible one, trusted with the phone, and so I was stuck listening to this song pressing pause and play when needed.

Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammar // “This is just a journey, drop your worries” // “Skeptics mess with the confidence in my eyes” // “Only rainbows after rain”

The entirety of 5th grade wrapped up in one song. My 5th grade teacher had this thing with her classes where we picked a class song, this was our’s. We learned the lyrics, sang along, and played it in the background of our class parties. 5th grade drama seems so silly now. I miss it.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow – Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwoʻole // “Where trouble melts like lemon drops”

This particular memory comes from middle school, and while my time in middle school was full of regret and embarrassment I’ve come to cherish my memories. I forget what grade we were in, 7th or 8th, one of those two. My homeroom/advisory were just hanging out before lunch time, and one of my classmates started playing the song and singing (he always carried around his ukulele). I don’t know what it was, maybe something was in the air lol, but everyone else joined along with him. We weren’t all the best singers but it was good fun and I’ll look back on that moment fondly. I used to find my homeroom annoying at best, but now I miss them. They were a constant that high school no longer offers.

Paper Rings – Taylor Swift // “I like shiny things, but I’d marry you with paper rings”

Can I Have This Dance – High School Musical // “Now won’t you promise me
that you’ll never forget.”
// “Don’t be afraid, afraid to fall.
You know I’ll catch you through it all.”

Honestly I can’t help but sing to any and all High School Musical songs. 😅 😂

Pretty U – SEVENTEEN // “When I see you, it’s breathtaking” // “I want to pick and gather all
the pretty words for you”
// “I am counting flower petals all day long”

Monster – Shawn Mendes & Justin Bieber // “I was fifteen when the world put me on a pedestal” // “I came in with good intentions, then I let it go”

Cabinet Man – Lemon Demon // “You can’t win me, I can’t be beat” // “I only want to have fun”

I never really paid attention to the lyrics in this song…or really any Lemon Demon song, they were just there to drown out my thoughts. But dang these lyrics are really good.

Dead Girl Walking (Reprise) – Heathers the Musical // “It’s one more dance and then farewell” // “I wish grown-ups understood!”

I must say I don’t normally get attached to full albums so I struggled with this prompt, I’m more of a single song obsession girl lol.

Semicolon – SEVENTEEN // “It’s okay to think about it more” // “This feeling of wanting to know more” // “My love only amounts to this”

I love all of SEVENTEEN’s albums, I found it really hard to pick just one. Some of my favorites from this album are, “Do Ri Me,” “AH! Love,” and “All My Love.” I also really love their Love & Letter Repackage album.

Woodland – The Paper Kites // “We’re all just searching for something” // “And we’ll hate what we’ve lost but we’ll love what we find” // “Success is a song of the heart, not a song of your head”

This was the first album I’m ever listened to from The Paper Kites, but I absolutely love it. I often listen to it while doing homework.

Snap Shoot – SEVENTEEN // “Our laughter in the picture is all” // “”Snap shoot, I want to capture that smile”

Seventeen never fails to make me smile. I love the candidness of this music video and the fact that it was directed by Mingyu just made it so much more special.

All Night – ASTRO // “So ridiculous, here I am waiting for your call tonight” // “Gonna stay up all night telling you what I couldn’t before” // “I’ll never get tired of your voice”

This music video is just everything. I think it was Astro’s first dip into a more elegant style and it’s just so etherial, the flowers, the outfits. It was just so different from everything I knew them to usually be and it was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I love their more boyish and playful music videos, but this one is just on a different level.

The Way You Felt: The Story – Alec Benjamin // “Oh I fell for your charm I was so infatuated” // “Is your heart just preconditioned for brevity”

This was such an interesting music video to watch. The way he included the story with subtitles just made it so much more personal.


🎧 Spotify Playlist 🎶

Unfortunately “Freckles and Constellations” isn’t on Spotify but here’s the Youtube link! As I was adding the songs I also realized “Us, Again” isn’t either so here’s the link. I added on Downpour from I.O.I and Smile Flower in it’s place on the playlist.


I had loads of fun doing this tag, though it did take me what felt like forever to find songs, and I was definitely using it to procrastinate on some very important homework :T

If you didn’t notice, I was heavily inspired by the colored text in Sophie’s post, and so I thought I’d try it out. The colors were a lot of fun to incorporate, and it was a new concept to me (before this I didn’t know how to make certain lines different colors). I probably won’t use colored text very often after this but I want to try use it sometimes!

I hope you guys had fun reading this post, maybe you even learned something about me from these songs. I don’t really have anyone to nominate…so I’ll just leave it open for anyone to do!

Until we meet again….have a wonderful weekend & 🍟 day, don’t procrastinate, and stay safe!

~hiddengirl75 ❤

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Fun Friday: Youtube Playlists I’ve Enjoyed 🎶

Heyo peeps! Welcoming to another Fun Friday, Happy 🍟 day! I really want french fries lol. Anyway, today I’ve decided to share some youtube playlists that I love. I really like looking for new music and playlists that match my feelings at different moments in time. Themed playlists are lovely things that I admire the creators for, I’d love to be able to match songs to feelings as well as they do. I’ve categorized the playlists into different themes and then further into to different events. I hope you enjoy them or find a new favorite song

✨The Playlists✨

💃🏽 Dance Dance 🕺🏽

Dancing 🕺🏽

For the times you just feel like jumping on your bed or flailing (’cause I don’t dance I just flail my arms around lol) around the room.

Twirling 💃🏽

Some may say that “twirling” is the same as dancing or flailing around, but I beg to differ. Twirling is done in a long preferably poofy skirt and moderate heels or no shoes at all in the middle of the night, with or without a partner.

✨ W/ or W/o Friends, Chilling ✨

Hanging Out 🎤📹

Songs to sing to goofily and laugh or just play in the background living that main character life.

Late Nights 🌃

Lying in the dark at a sleepover talking about nothing and everything at once. Dreams, fears, and feelings. Late nights are for secrets and giggling.

Doing Nothing 🌧

Staring at the ceiling just breathing in life. There’s nothing to do and productivity is a thing of the past. Cold tiles, wooden floors, or carpet, it doesn’t matter. C’est la vie.

🎻 Academics ✏️

Trying to Study While the Sun is Still Up 📝📓📖🌅

Trying to be a productive, A+ student who doesn’t stay up ’til the crack of dawn. Rather we wake up at dawn and do our homework at a reasonable time, after school while the sun is still shining and the world is awake. The ideal study schedule where a decent amount of sleep is the norm.

Late Night Studying 📝📓📖🌃

When you’ve given up on being a student who studies when the sun is still up. Procrastination has caught you in it’s snares, now it’s the middle of the night and your final project is due in the morning. Or maybe a burst of creativity has enthralled you and you must follow it. Either way the world is sleeping, the stars are bright, and sounds are quiet.

Drowning Out Thoughts 🔊🎧

When all seems to be falling apart, the paper is blank and your thoughts seem too loud. Nothing is working and all hope seems lost. Sometimes you just need that silence that comes from blasting music.

✨ Other ✨

Playlist I really wanted to recommend 💖

I’ve listened to this playlist for everything above. Dancing, vibing, studying, and drowning my thoughts, a playlist for all and any occasions.

I hope you enjoyed!

Until we meet again…have all my love and listen to some good music! ❤


P.S. I hope it’s obvious but none of these playlists or songs are mine, I just wanted to share them with you guys.

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Music Monday: Happy World Music Day!

Heyo peeps!! Happy World Music Day or Fête de la Musique!! Also welcome to my first Music Monday post! Wow, two things in one post, how exciting lol.

So…let’s start with what Music Monday is. Music Monday was started by Drew at The Tattooed Book Geek. It’s basically sharing one of your favorite song and it’s lyrics every Monday, and it’s open to anyone to do!

Today’s Music Monday is a bit special though as it is also World Music Day, originally known as Fête de la Musique. It takes place every June 21st and began in France, but has now spread across the world! It encourages people to share their favorite music and play music in public places.

I was inspired and also educated by Pavithra’s post for it, before today I had no idea there was a world music day. It’s kind of funny though, my timezone is a bit behind a lot of other people’s so as I’m writing this it isn’t June 21st yet and when I post this on my June 21st it might be over for a lot of people. Anyway, before I got slightly off track, I was saying this post was a special Music Monday, that’s because I’m sharing a whole playlist and not just one song!


✨ My Playlist ✨


  • At My Worst – Pink Sweat$
  • Hopelessly – Reinaeiry
  • Grace Kelly – MIKA


  • Wish for You – Kang In Soo and Lee Sang
  • Never Loved This Way Before – CHEEZE
    • This song is used in one of my favorite webtoons, Odd Girl Out (it’s so cute, wholesome, and relatable)
  • After School – Weekly


  • On Ne Vit Qu’Une Fois – Sidoine
  • The Wall Between Us (Ce mur qui nous sépare) – Lou & Lenni-Kim
  • Près des étoiles – Mickaël Pouvin Ft. Jérôme Clerville

Most of these songs are from my On Repeat playlist on Spotify! I update it quite frequently, feel free to check it out.


I often find my favorite songs by just letting Spotify play or by listening to youtube playlists that people make. Finding songs is one of my favorite past times ^-^

Recently though I’ve been play the Wish You’s OSTs on repeat. I recently watched the drama, it’s listed as a movie though on Netflix I believe. It was really good, very wholesome and I loved the music. Highly recommend watching it or listening to the songs!

Until we meet again…share your favorite songs with someone and dance around, it’s fun I promise!

Happy World Music Day! 🎶

~hiddengirl75 ❤