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Living for it!

I was watching a drawingwiffwaffles video, she was taking an attempt at painting in a graffiti style. This got me interested in looking at graffiti art/murals. So I took to the internet, like most people today, to google.

I started off with what I knew which was a street artist under the name Banksy who’s work I was interested in for a hot minute in eighth grade after reading a Teenbiz article on his huge museum scandal. (His work was being sold but then proceeded to self shred. )

Love is in the Bin

I did some quick research on the background/history, of graffiti. Cause I’m a dork that loves history. It is interesting because it started in Philadelphia. But I’m not going to go in depth because I don’t want to be an absolute bore, so I’ll move on to what I was planning on writing about.

Moving on from the history and Banksy, I scrolled through the images section and landed on this image of an animated art mural.

So taking interest, I clicked on the link which led me to a bunch of other relevant to the project but not in my interest graffiti murals. I scrolled on the website until I found the same picture and the name of the artist. Joohee Park also known as Stickymonger. If you can’t tell from the title, I am absouletly in love with her work and style. It can be colorful or black and white, I just love how it looks. I just had to gush about it somewhere and this is the only place I know of, besides tumblr (lol.) So yup that’s all for now, just my new obsession with Stickymonger’s work and graffiti.

Joohee Park a.k.a Stickymonger

So until next time…


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