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Seventeen Comeback: HIT

I’m so late, it irks me. This is my ultimate group and I am late posting me raving about their newest song release. You should know how it goes, I rave about how much I love it and then tell you to go support them. However since this is my ultimate group, I’m going to put in a little more than my opinion.

This comeback came at us so hard, but I absolutely love this song. They did so well on it and it is simply amazing. I am so happy that they made a comeback, I was waiting for a comeback since their last one. It’s really upbeat and it is so catchy. I could listen to it on repeat, but that wouldn’t get it views. The teasers got me really hyped for the song so when it came out and I didn’t get the notification right away, I was suprised and late.

I think that this song showcases a lot of members vocals that we don’t normally hear a lot of. This also meant that DK, Seungkwan and Woozi took a big step back from the song. I have to admit, I was kind of sad that Woozi didn’t have more parts. However, you do hear him a lot in the background. Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu and Jun had a lot of lines in this comeback. Using the line distribution video that I am looking at they had the most parts. Even though it seems that a lot of people didn’t contribute vocally, they did dance making it more even.

The8 had the least amount of lines. This is also kind of sad because his vocals are amazing. However going back to the balancing out, he has a dance break for himself. Similar to The8 the members who didn’t have a lot of vocal parts, danced in the front during the music video or had parts focused on dancing. I think that everyone had somewhat balanced parts and screen time during the music video. No matter what I still love the song and Seventeen.

Please love and support Seventeen by streaming the music video. And that’s all I have for now, I have to go memorize the fan chant.



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