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Seventeen Comeback: Teasers

Omg, I’m so freaking excited. Seventeen’s comeback is so freaking close it is literally hours away. I wasn’t going to write until the music video came out but I am so hyped. Their teasers and highlight medley were enough to get this crazy fangirl, jumping up and down. LOL, this is my teaser for my next post, their comeback. Which will hopefully be posted by the 16th when they comeback of the 17th. Ahhhh! I’m so excited.

Peace, love and until we meet again…

~ hiddengirl75

P.S the Hidden Millenial did and expectations post on it so go check it out, I’m not dictated to blogging enough to get up and do that on time so for those of you who are interested, go check it out! I’m reblogging it here so you can find it.



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