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Seventeen Comeback: HIT

I’m so late, it irks me. This is my ultimate group and I am late posting me raving about their newest song release. You should know how it goes, I rave about how much I love it and then tell you to go support them. However since this is my ultimate group, I’m going to put in a little more than my opinion.

This comeback came at us so hard, but I absolutely love this song. They did so well on it and it is simply amazing. I am so happy that they made a comeback, I was waiting for a comeback since their last one. It’s really upbeat and it is so catchy. I could listen to it on repeat, but that wouldn’t get it views. The teasers got me really hyped for the song so when it came out and I didn’t get the notification right away, I was suprised and late.

I think that this song showcases a lot of members vocals that we don’t normally hear a lot of. This also meant that DK, Seungkwan and Woozi took a big step back from the song. I have to admit, I was kind of sad that Woozi didn’t have more parts. However, you do hear him a lot in the background. Jeonghan, Joshua, Mingyu and Jun had a lot of lines in this comeback. Using the line distribution video that I am looking at they had the most parts. Even though it seems that a lot of people didn’t contribute vocally, they did dance making it more even.

The8 had the least amount of lines. This is also kind of sad because his vocals are amazing. However going back to the balancing out, he has a dance break for himself. Similar to The8 the members who didn’t have a lot of vocal parts, danced in the front during the music video or had parts focused on dancing. I think that everyone had somewhat balanced parts and screen time during the music video. No matter what I still love the song and Seventeen.

Please love and support Seventeen by streaming the music video. And that’s all I have for now, I have to go memorize the fan chant.


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It’s PRETTYMUCH, by the way.

So I just listened to PRETTYMUCH’s song called Lying. Not sure how I feel. I’m a kpop stan but I still appreciate other music but this song is just, I don’t know. I like the beat and the high notes were amazing but honestly it wasn’t very my style. I think that the song was okay and it was catchy but I don’t think I could listen to it on repeat. It’s the classic, still want you kind of song. Where the guy is missing the girl, so it’s kind of basic. I think the lyrics could have been better, as it was a little repetitive. However I noticed that is how they write a lot of their songs. I was looking forward to the rap part, but it was kind of slow and didn’t seem to flow how I wished it did, cause there were a lot of stops between words. I personally like it when raps flow as a continuous lyric, you know? The music video overall was nice. It seemed to be set in a darker, storage or warehouse. I liked all the neon words/graffiti in the background. If you didn’t read my previous post, I would advise you to read as I spoke about my new obsession. That’s all I have for now so…

Until we meet again…


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Happy Wonwoo Day!

Happy Birthday Wonwoo!

Thank you for always working so hard and still taking time to connect with us. I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to be in good health. Thank you and happy birthday!

(Sorry if it is kind of late for some time zones, but in some places it just became the 17th. Also not my picture in the blog, which is a little obvious.)

On another note who is excited for the world tour and comeback!? I certainly am, I was just fangirling and freaking out with one of my friends about their announcement of a comeback. (Lol, yes I’m kind of late. But whatever. I’m still so excited.)

Please love and support Wonwoo and Seventeen, they deserve it.


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Day6 Comeback: Time of Our Lives

Any MyDays out there?! It’s okay if you aren’t however I would encourage you to go and support Day6 and their recent comeback.

I’m not sure how to express my feelings on the song in more detail but I know that I absolutely love it! I know that a lot of people are saying that it sounds like an anime OST and I think I’m starting to agree. I am now only on my second listen to the song and I can definitely hear the animeness of it. I truly believe the statement that Day6 has no bad song.

Day6 deserves all our love and support. They deserve to be recognized, as they are seriously underrated. I hope that we all will show them how much we love and support them. They deserve this win! Go stream the music video. Day6, fighting!

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GFriend Comeback: Fever

Just watched the fever mv as soon as it came out at 11: 02 pm, Sunday 30th of June. And I have to say I am loving it. Okay so I don’t stan GFriend but I love a lot of their songs, especially the old ones. Not only are their songs great but their choreography is amazing, it’s so simple yet complex. The new song is so catchy and upbeat yet edgier then a lot of their other songs and have I mentioned the amazing choreo, it is on point. The mv is also very well filmed. I love the take on it and the backgrounds and camera shots. This is an amazing comeback and I wish GFriend the best of luck during their promotions. Go support them by listening to the song.


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English?! 뭐?!

Omg, I found this amazing song and I absolutely love it! I can not gush more about it. It’s so cute and innocent. I live the lyrics, the singer’s voice and the beat. It’s my new favorite song and guess what, it’s in English. Which is a weird thought because I have been listening to mainly k-pop(Seventeen) or k-rock (DAY6). So anyway it’s called “would you be so kind” it’s by dodie. I adore this song and I recommend it to everyone. I also find it interesting to read the comment section on YouTube because it’s so sweet, with lots of people being like “100 likes and I’ll send this to my crush.” Then they do and it’s kind of sad when they get regected but so cute when they say “I sent this to my crush and now we’re dating.” It’s absolutely adorable. I give those people props for sending it to their crushes. I honestly would never do that. Anyway, go listen to the song. I hope you like it.

~ hiddengirl75

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Favorite Artists and Groups

First off, I am a huge K-pop fan. Honestly, I love the music, the lyrics and meanings behind the songs. I like how K-pop idols care and value their fans. Finally, I like how much effort that K-pop idols put into their work.

I listen to other music occasionally but most of my music is K-pop or in Korean. Don’t get me wrong some American (English) music is great but I don’t think that many of the songs have much meaning other then revenge and broken relationships or lewd meanings. 

My favorite K-pop group is called Seventeen. They may not be as popular as BTS but they deserve so much more attention. Don’t get me wrong I like BTS and honestly I started off stanning  BTS but I found Seventeen and then I started stanning them. Seventeen is such a talented group, the rappers sing, the singers rap and they all can dance. I would highly recommend listening to some of their songs and watching a few of their live performances, their dance skills will amaze you.

I think that it is amazing how much K-pop idols love and cherish their fans. Most groups have songs dedicated to their fans and always remember to thank their fans at award shows. I honestly can’t say that American artists don’t treat their fans well because I haven’t really kept up with that but I think that they don’t value their fans as much as K-pop idols do.  Another difference is that many K-pop idols wait for years training, perfecting themselves so that they can debut.

I have a lot of respect for K-pop idols because of the amount of work and effort they put into their careers.  Majority of idols spent years as trainees before debuting, which meant years away from their families and even more time away as they debut. I don’t think that many artists from the U.S have to go through anything as grueling as leaving your family and friends so that they could become artists. I think this adds to the amount of effort that idols put into their work because they truly understand how privileged they are to have debutted.

Like I said before I do listen to some English music but not as much as I did before I fell into the K-pop hole. Before I was into K-pop, I listened to Meghan Trainer, Ed Sheeran, and other artists that I can’t remember. Now I don’t have any particular artists that I listen to often, but I do have favorite songs that I will put into a different post.

And that’s the end folks.  Now you know that I like K-pop and who my favorite group is.  I hope that you continue to read my posts so until we met again. Good bye.

~ hiddengirl75