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Missing all the people who probably don’t miss me

You know when that time of night hits 
Where you miss everyone 
Including all the people who probably don’t miss you too

So much so you’d give a lot to be back with them 
Walking around, talking, smiling

But it’ll probably never be that way again 
Cause the last time you saw them was years ago…
Or maybe it was yesterday…
But everything has changed
And you don’t know how to tell them 
That you miss them
Cause you’re not sure why you do 

Caught in a constant loop
Of missing
And being fine

Until you see that car that’s way too common 
Or go through an area that leads to them 

It hurts when you can remember too much
Or not enough
Like how you can vividly recall that conversation you once had
But can’t seem to think of their favorite color 
If you had even known it in the first place

But instead of telling them 
You write
And pretend that maybe they’ll see it 
Or maybe you’ll send it to them
When you know they won’t 
And you won’t 

So all you do is wonder if you’re one of those people they think of when that time of night hits
And they miss everyone 
Including you 

Until we meet again…

~ calista

P.S. Featured photo by mikoto.raw Photographer from Pexels


Because labels confine you. They don’t let you move outside of them. We labelless nuts of the world can be whoever we want, whenever we want.

Almost Impossible By: Nicole Williams

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Good Day

Good day, I hope that everyone has an awesome day or night no matter when you are reading this. I hope you know that there is someone that cares and loves you no matter what. And continue to fight to meet people in the future that will care about you too.

~ hiddengirl75