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Gingerbread House Construction … 🏗

In the Christmas spirit right after exam week, my friends and I decided to have a gingerbread building competition. It was so much fun and it was really relaxing right after exams. Hopefully it becomes one of our friend groups traditions.

Choose your fighter, lol.

Worm Invasion
Poptart Roof
Silver Snow
Rainbow Madness
Mafia House

My friends and I would love for you to give feedback on your favorite house or houses.

Behind the Scenes

Cornucopia of Supplies in the Middle
Pikachu Surprised Face

I had so much fun with this, I hope I’ll be able to post another gingerbread building next year.

Until we meet again…

~ hiddengirl75

P.S. Sorry for the horrible quality photos the lighting was not the best lol.

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I think I have become too dependent on other people, especially my friends. I wasn’t always like this but now I have become, unwilling to sit or stand around by myself. It has become uncomfortable to be sitting without friends or in silence by myself. I hate walking to the lunch line by myself or sitting on an empty table.

I feel the need to seperate from my group and find peace by myself once more but I don’t know how to go about doing so. How can I find somewhere else to sit in the morning or during lunch while everyone else is surrounded by their own friends. 

I think that I struggle now to just be by myself. I used to be fine sitting in silence but now I find the need to be part of conversations or to have my thoughts heard. Have I become dependent on the people around me or have I simply become more social? 

What happens when I don’t have friends to lean on as a social safety net. Will I fade back into the stablity of being by myself?  What happens when I no longer have friends to sit with, people to easily pick up a conversation with or to simply ask if they are getting lunch? Will I lose the need to ask people questions or have to speak to someone to fill the silence?

I used to think that I was a fairly quiet minded person and that I didn’t speak that much but now looking back, I am only like that before you get to know me. Once I open up and start talking I feel that I almost never shut up.

So, do I actually rely on my friends as a social safety net? Are my friends the only reason why I am who I am. Am I too dependent on the fact that they are always there to talk to even if I don’t trust all of them enough to talk to them to the extent that I sometimes feel like talking. Or would I be able to function by myself if left alone? Have I become “social?”

What does it even mean to be social? Talking, knowing people, being on social media, having friends? What is the word social defined as?

Contemplating life…..


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What are friends

Are they people that you hang with even when you have doubts

Are they kind, souls who care and find time

To sit, talk and share


Are they people who swear that they will forever remember

Or are they just folks that never seem to be there

While you cry and surrender


The question is who are your friends

Are they loyal and true

Do they lie and cheat


However you see them

Maybe it’s true

But take a look and you’ll find that it might not be that blue


For there are always people who love and care

Who will listen and talk through the storms in your lair


So take the time

And take heed

Be the friend you want to be


But don’t expect to be pleased

With everyone that you meet


We all have secrets

And we all have lies

That even our closest friends

Seem to be surprised

~ hiddengirl75