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Fun Friday: Time Capsule – Childhood Games

How did you spend your childhood? I’ve recently been missing being a child. Maybe it’s because I turned 16 years old earlier this month….but I’ve realized that I really miss some of the games I used to play when I was younger.

I was a play-pretend kind of kid; my friends and I would come up with a game and that would be what we’d do for the afternoon. We’d be pirates, royalty, a family, or Pokémon. I didn’t even know and still don’t know anything about Pokémon but the only guy in our friend group was really into it and he went along with everything we wanted to play so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I miss when hanging out could be as easy as playing pretend.

One of my current friends was never a play-pretend kind of kid, I’m not really sure what kind of kid she was but I was shocked to hear that. Pretending was such a huge part of my childhood, I have no idea what I’d be like without it.

Another activity I miss is jump-roping. I have no idea why but I’ve been really wanting to jump rope, like the multiple people kind. I think there’s just something so fun about jump roping with other people and jumping in and out of the jump rope. My friends and I used to have so many songs to jump rope to and I used to be so good at it. I’d probably really embarrass myself if I tried now, but that wouldn’t stop me if I had the chance.

Like this….but without the tap dancing lol

One last activity I’d like to mention are hand games, like Concentration, Slip Slide (idk if it’s actually called that lol), and Numbers. Did you guys ever play those? Hand games were also a huge part of my childhood….maybe more nearing the end of elementary school, like the pre-teen years but they’re still something I look fondly upon.

It’s kind of sad that I don’t really play them anymore…kind of due to COVID, but also because it’s labeled as childish. I was playing one of the games with my friend and one of our other friends said, “I didn’t know we were in elementary school again.” It was kind of funny at the time but also kind of sad. Now I just play them with my younger brother.

Do you have a favorite childhood game or activity?

Happy🍟 day! I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but I’ve only had the time to finish it up now. I had a lot of fun reflecting and being nostalgic while writing this though. I hope y’all enjoyed reading, maybe it brought up some happy memories for you?

Until we meet again…act like a kid again.


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I’m sick
For my second home
It’s not a place but rather people
Memories that I’ve made 
With the kids, I knew in 2nd grade

I miss the smiles and the laughter
The events that felt like an escape
I remember everything quite fondly
Even the moments that made me want to run away

There’s a warmth that I’ve associated with them
A feeling that I’ve longed for
Smiles that felt like hugs and yet,
Old pictures make me feel sick
An emptiness inside
Making me want to cry

I dream about meeting up
Imagining interactions
Fond recounts
And catching up

But when I run into them
It’s awkward
I run away
Or shift, stand and smile
Conversations do not flow
Like I had hoped
But rather my words get jumbled
No longer do they feel like home

So I retreat 
To my memories
Where they still feel like home
And dream of the times
Smiles were hugs


P.S. I have a Talk Story blog post coming out soon for a tag I was nominated to do, and I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to do it but school has been draining my creativity :/

So, I hope you enjoy this poem that came from a burst of creativity and nostalgia. 💕

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The funny thing about memories.

The funny thing about memories. 
Is that it really isn’t funny.
They pop up and stick to you, 
like a thing that won’t go. 
You may shake your head and wish,
but they might never go. 
Your only hope is to forget,
but it isn’t all that easy.
I have a couple memories that sometimes I wish would go. 
An embarrassing moment 
or horrible thought 
that just won’t let go. 
I’m sure you’ve experienced this 
or seen it second hand. 
And let me tell you
That it just won’t do
When that sticky memory 
Sticks to you like glue

~ hiddengirl75

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Holding On

Remembering something I want to never forget
May it be secrets or smiles
My wish is to never forget them

I am holding onto something
That I never intend to let go of
The secrets, the smiles, the never ending story
I hold them to me

These are the things I don't ever want to let go of
These are the memories I shall never forget 
They shall remain until the end of time

~ hiddengirl75

P.S The featured image is not my image, found on Google.