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Random Question

Random question… 
How are you doing today?

We haven’t talked in a while
And I fear we are drifting away

I tell myself it’s logical
We were not meant to be
But deep inside I wonder
Then why did we meet?

I know it sounds cliche 
Like a silly love story
But our friendship is important
So can it please not be

Not all relationships are fairy tales
And ours certainly is not
I thought we’d be friends forever 
But it turns out we may not

I drifted away 
And you’ve disappeared
At least that’s how I see it

On other days I wonder
Could I be misled?
Maybe I disappeared
And you’ve drifted away
But who knows how you see it 

I tell myself it’s logical
To stay far away
I’ll be safer
And away from heartbreak

You have not texted me
And I have not messaged you

There are days where I falter
And reach out to text you
It’s almost second nature
With the 24/7 texting
We used to do

Now it’s been 2 months 
And I wonder if you miss me too…
Though you probably do not
And I probably meant nothing to you

So I stay away
Convincing myself that’s the truth
If you wanted to talk to me
You would have
But there’s nothing I can do.

Hi, this was a really old poem, well not REALLY old, but pretty old. It doesn’t really mean the same thing it meant when I first wrote it but I still really like it so I decided to post it anyway. I can’t remember why I didn’t post it when I originally wrote it but here it is now. 🙂

Until we meet again…have all my love and stay safe ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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There’s an itch
At the very back of my head 
“I did something wrong”
“It’s my fault” 

I am 
Of rejection

And now, 
It’s staring me in the face

Messages unread
Only my bubbles to fill the gap

I’ve tried again
“Maybe I’m overthinking it” 
“It was just bad timing” 
But at some point
It becomes pointless

Too scared
To ask
To confront
Too scared of rejection

So the itch remains
“I was too clingy” 
“Too pushy” 

“Maybe it all meant nothing” 
“I didn’t pay enough attention”

“I overshared” 
“Didn’t listen” 

Texts remain unanswered
The itch growing stronger
An added ache in my stomach

I think I’ll just give up now
That’s the answer

A void
A gap

It hurts

The itch remains
Egged on by my fear
Maybe my pride
“I won’t text first” 

… *hiddengirl75 is typing*

Until we meet again…stay safe ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay