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Falling in love with lyrics

To my friends, enemies, and those still under review,

Mornings in my 10th-grade English teacher’s classroom are my new favorite thing. She has this way of pointing out the best parts of a song and making you love it. It’s lovely and also sort of bittersweet to be in a room of hopeless (or not) romantics. I’m definitely one of the hopeless romantics, and I adore the way artists have a way with words.

Some of my favorites 💗

I’ll be pulling out the parts of the song that my teacher originally pointed out and then the ones that I clung to after listening to the song a million times.

💖 Angel Baby by Troye Sivan


“I always dreamed of a solemn face
Someone who feels like a holiday


“Play me the classics
Something romantic

“I fall in love with the little things

💖 Love Song by Travis Atreo


“If you’re the actor, I’ll be the stage


“If I could find the words to tell you how I feel
I’m afraid they’d take up pages

“If you’re a picture, then I’m your shot

💖 Stay by JC Stewart

My stupid heart, what have you done?

💖 CWJBHN by Jake Scott and Josie Dunne

You said your favorite kinda weather is a rainy day
And it’s raining in LA

💖 Gravity by Frances and Leo Stannard

You’re my gravity

My additions 💕

Here are a few songs that my teacher hasn’t pointed out but I feel give off the same vibes.

💖 Like My Father by Jax

I can’t pick one lyric because I love this entire song…even though it makes me sad enough to cry sometimes.

💖 Like Strangers Do by AJ Mitchell

“And the sound of your laugh when I say something funny
But nobody heard it, except for you

“If you saw me on the train would you look the other way?
Like strangers do
And if you passed me on the street
Would you look down at your feet
And move on through?
Like strangers do

💖 golden hour by JVKE

It’s hard to pick a lyric from this song because, well it’s not so much the lyrics but the sound of this song that draws me to it.

Are you a romantic? Tell me what your favorite romance song is in the comments! I’m always looking for new music to listen to ^^

Until we meet again…

~ calista

P.S. Featured photo by Disha Sheta from Pexels

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It was easy to be your friend
Because you put in all the effort

Asked all the questions I was used to asking
Listened when it felt like my friends weren’t 
Made me laugh. 

In a twisted way, it felt like you got me 

You’re stuck in my head
Because you’re the only one 
Who’s ever shown interest 
Like that. 

I love the possibility you hold
The fact that something like that
Could happen to me 
Even if it crumbled in the end

When did it fall apart?
When I realized or solidified that you were in for far more than I intended?

I was not oblivious 
I could tell that some part of your intentions were…
But I pushed it aside 
Let myself be naive 

But now, 
You know my secrets 
And that scares me

I know yours too
But that only worries me

It was so easy 
It made me uneasy 

It was easy 
Until it wasn’t 

~ calista

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Like you

It’s not like I wanted to hate you
But you made it hard not to
Made me feel boring and so small

Everything was wrong

But it was like looking in a mirror
Could I be like you?

It feels weird to hate you 
When we had so much in common 

A tv show you mentioned 
I watch now
And love
Feeling sick 
Because it makes us that much more alike 

I found a music channel 
That you’d probably like 
I was so close to sending it 
But then it’s just be something else we share

It sucks to know so much about you
Cause it means you pop up everywhere
And memories of our conversations 
Flood my head

And it’s not like I wanted to hate you
I don’t 

But when
I’m reminded of everything wrong that you’ve done
I feel a little better 
Because there’s no way
I could be like you. 

~ calista

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Poem + Small Update

Hi…this is awkward. It’s been a while, and my schedule is no longer alive…sorry. Anyway, I’m going on winter break soon so hopefully, I’ll be getting out all the posts that I’ve been mean to but for now, have this poem that I got inspired to write and have rewritten many times and am still not completely satisfied with it but I need some kind of validation.

Over it

So I have this thing
You can call it a crush, 
If you want

I thought it was a blip
An illogical thought
And sometimes I still think it is 

So I tell myself I’m over it

The way she smiles catches me off guard

I’m over it but… 
My breath catches when I’m next to her

There’s a million things that should throw me off 
So I’m over it but…
I find everything so endearing 

I’m not in stats 
But I know it’s all highly improbable 
So I’m completely and totally over it

But…what does it mean when I’m blanking on a math test and she’s all I can think of?

I’m over it but…
Instead of doing homework I’m writing my first poem in forever
About her

But I’m over it…
Even though she’s the one I look to, not the camera

I say I’m over it but…
When she texts I fumble for a response
And when she doesn’t, I hope every notification is her

Denial isn't pretty but neither is rejection 
And that’s all I can think about as I watch her walk away

So I’m completely and totally over it…
But the class we share has got me in a mess  

Love you guys ❤


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Fun Friday: Two Podcasts I Love!

Heyo peeps!! Is it odd to see me posting three times in a week? It was kind of weird for me but let’s both get used to it because I hope to establish this as my weekly posting schedule. One of my goals for this year is to post more and that’s what I intend to do! So without further ado let me introduce you guys to Fun Friday, my Friday post theme.

Along with Music Monday and my Wednesday poetry posts, I hope to keep up Fun Friday. When I was in middle school, my advisory (homeroom) held Fun Fridays where we would play games or do something fun. Rather than playing games I have decided to dedicate Fridays to posts that are more personal to me (like my poems aren’t already pieces of my heart and brain lol). These posts will range from things I love, my fears, or just fun discussions.


Today, for my first Fun Friday post I decided to begin with something light and easy, podcasts! I’ve recently gotten really into podcasts. I used to think that I wouldn’t have the attention span to pay attention to a 30 minute podcast with no visuals but I’ve found that they are great to listen to while getting ready in the morning or while doing chores.

Two podcasts that I’ve found myself listening to often are “SciShow Tangents” and “I Love It!” I haven’t caught up to the most recent episodes yet but they are both really interesting!


SciShow Tangents

“SciShow Tangents” is a fun way to learn intriguing science facts and is hosted by Hank Green, Ceri Riley, Stefan Chin, and Sam Schultz. They amaze and educate through a series of different friendly competitions based around a theme. There’s quick talking, tangents, and tons of odd facts.

I have to admit I at first only looked at it because Hank Green was one of the hosts but I quickly became intrigued by the odd themes and facts. I now hope to be able to spout out random facts and get some confused looks. Heh, don’t mind me just trying to start conversations. 😅 😂

Can be found @


I Love It!

“I Love It!” is hosted by Matthew Gaydos and it invites people to talk about the things they love. The topics range from the Scripps National Spelling Bee (that’s the first episode) to Star Wars.

I really love this podcast because I enjoy listening to people talk about what they love. It really inspires me; many of the interests I have is because someone expressed such a strong passion for it that it hooked my attention too. I haven’t pursued very many of the interests for prolonged periods of time but it’s always interesting to hear about the different subjects that people can talk about for hours.

Can be found @


While both can be found on different websites, I listen to them on Spotify. If you end up looking into on of them or both, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. >~<

Until we meet again…comment below what your favorite podcast is and enjoy some time catching up or re-listening to it.

~hiddengirl75 ❤


A Piece of Wisdom

Image is from Pixabay, the quote, and the editing done to put the quote over it is not.
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Ready or NOT

I'm scared
Not ready to be an adult.

College student
Not college 
Who knows

Middle school me had everything figured out
Ready to leave the state 

Now I don't know anything
Don't want to study for tests 
Or walk the stage 

I just want to be a kid
Twirl around in the rain 
Be rebellious

Stay out past midnight 
Pancakes at 2 in the morning 
Drive around with no destination 

There's 2 years 'til I walk that stage 
No drivers license yet 
Or broken rules

I've laid low 
Stayed safe 
And studied for those tests 

I'm tired 
And I just want to be a kid

Until we meet again…be a kid, have fun ❤


P.S. Featured Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

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Save Me

Save me from my own self destruction
A path I am stumbling down

Piles that touch the sky

Tearing myself down
No self confidence
Struggling to float

Grasping at air

Doom seems inevitable
My candle’s flame flickering out
One strong gust and it could disappear
I could disappear

So save me from myself 
The path of destruction 
I’ve set myself upon

A weight on my back
A thing I am struggling to live

The bleakness that is my view
A window I stare out into
Empty, dark, endless

This is what the day brings
A harsh reality
A path to my doom


P.S Not my image, found on Pinterest.

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Sometimes I think there’s a hero inside of me
A part of me that wants to save them all
To protect my friends
And stop untimely fictional deaths
Then there’s the days where
I can’t even save myself

So I don’t think it’s possible 
‘Cause how can you save someone
From what’s already happened
How can you save someone 
That’s already doomed

Harsh words 
That were spat out in fury
Heard by the one who would hurt the most

A beautifully written scene
Read by many, whose hearts broke
Who stained the pages with their tears
And begged for the impossible

So it would seem that it’s not possible
To save everyone, oh dear
So, sorry to the hero inside of me
But there is no hero here

I couldn’t save my friends
Or the characters that aren’t real
But how could you expect me to
When on some days I can’t even feel. 


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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In my little bubble 
The world is rainbow colored
Safe, happy and peaceful
Simply ideal

Ever so often my bubble pops
And terror runs unreined
Human nature is terrifying 
And rather inhumane

They all claim to want peace
Yet arguments ensue
On the littlest of subjects
To human rights issues

Humans must have problems
Or Ares is a bit bored
It seems Hades will be welcoming
Many many more

I want to blow my bubble
And hide away once more
The world isn’t rainbow colored
And that is something
I really do not adore

It is not that simple though
As terror now reigns free 
It is in my bubble 
And terrifying me 

The world is in chaos
The prologue to a teenage novel
Dystopian, Sci-fi, or maybe History
Honestly it’s probably 
All bloody three

Who will face these problems
That humans have created
It almost seems as if 
They think logic is overrated

But maybe once things are solved
I won’t have to be in a bubble
To see a rainbow colored world


Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

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I can't believe 
How many times 
You've crossed my mind

I reached for my phone 
To text you 
And you alone
But then I stopped halfway

I want to say I miss you
But I won't 
Since who would that help anyway

It hurts to look back
At the things we once had
Like our 24/7 conversations 
From yesterday

You've disappeared 
And now all I can feel 
Is heartbreak and disarray


P.S Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay