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Fun Friday: Unfinished Poems

Hi! Look at me, I managed to get out two posts, better than last week. I also got today off from school, so I guess that probably helped me. Anyway, Happy 🍟 day!! I’m having a great day, I went to a meeting online and finished up some of my homework. I’ve been very productive today and now I’m vibing to music while writing this. I hope y’all (hmm…feels weird to type that) have had a good day too.

So, since I haven’t written a full blown out poem in a while I figured why not share the fragments I’ve written. These are the stanzas that haven’t been finished, lines that have been floating in my book, and poems that have yet to be polished off. I still plan to use these lines, I just haven’t found the perfect words for them yet.

I hope you enjoy the mess that is my writing process. 🙂

Words >>>>

Days are like
Driving down a suburban street 
Where all the houses look the same

I am at that age
Ya know the one colleges look at 
Well...I'm terrified 
and I mean truly terrified 
that no college will accept me

I am made of my memories 
and yet on paper, colleges do not care
about my pet rock from kindergarten 
it helped me out a lot i swear!

it's not healthy 
staying up late
crying to music
staring at homework
but since when was being a teenager healthy? 

I talked with on of my friends recently
About facades and appearances 

You have a voice that makes words sound like poetry

Their favorite color is red 
and suddenly mine is too

To be called...

That's what I dream of

Well… that’s all I have for now folks. I think it’s fairly apparent what most of these fragments are about or could be about so I decided to not really explain them since I almost never explain my poems. But, I’m definitely going to try and finish some of theses so be on the look out.

Until we meet again…stay safe ❤