I did a thing…

Hi! So it’s really late at night for me, 12:33 am to be precise, and I have done a thing. I also have homework I really need to do so I’m going to keep this shortish…

Basically I have a youtube channel now. O.o

Yeah, I know I can barely keep up with blogging and now a youtube channel…I’m insane. But the idea of turning my poems into Spoken Word Poetry has been floating in my head since I first listened to a video from luna poems. (She’s great >_<)

So yeah…my first video…check it out maybe? Don’t hate on me please…I am a nervous wreck that can’t really take criticism.

Until we meet again…have all my love ❤



2 Years of Wandering + 26 days

It’s currently May 16th, 2021 but I’ll probably post this 3 or something days from now so that it’s officially “and 1 month.”

But, I just realized I missed my own 2 year anniversary, and I’m pretty sad about it. Or maybe I’ll post an actual post of like goals and stuff on my 2 year + 1 month anniversary :/ Yeah, I’m going to do that, post this now and make an actual post later because I feel like acknowledging that I remembered right now at like 12:30am…yupp.

I will also be posting my stories with color tag post soon, hopefully at the end of this week, maybe if school is nice to me. Wow…this was really just an update middle of the night post.

Until we meet again…in the middle of the night lol

~hiddengirl75 ❤


Seriously dudes, I am too lazy for my own good. I have listened to Seventeen’s comeback and new album so many times, but have been too lazy to write out an actual review so I don’t think I’m going to do it. Just know that I think it’s an amazing album and I love it.

Until next time…

Lazy hiddengirl75.

Chaotic Mess

Okay so this blog is a definite mess. I have changed the uses of it multiple times and have even considered deleting it but I won’t so no need to worry. (Lol like there is anyone to worry.) Hopefully I will start posting “normally” and hopefully it will be insightful.

Peace. hiddengirl75.

New Idea?

So I have been playing with the idea of doing a 30 day blog thing or a 30 day photography challenge that I would post on my blog. I am not sure if it’s a good idea or not, so I’m just throwing it out there as a future possibility.