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About Me

Like the self-absorbed person (LOL I’m not really self absorbed) I am I have decided to do a post about me and a few of my interests, hobbies, and likes. Unlike a traditional list of answers, it will be in a form of this or that, my choices will be in the paratheses.

Cookies or Cake (Cookies, chewy inside, crunchy outside.)

Cat or Dog (Cat, they are misunderstood creatures.)

Pancakes or Waffles (Waffles because pancakes are too doughy. Crepes however are even better. )

Hot Coco or Coffee (Hot coco because technically I’m not allowed to drink coffee.)

Day or Night (Night, even though there is too much light pollution where I live, I love the thought of seeing the stars. I also like seeing the city lights, so I can never truly win can I?)

Library or Museums (Library, it’s my favorite place to be, besides my bed.)

Summer or Winter (Fall, that wasn’t really a choice but it’s my favorite season)

Book or movie (Book, I love reading and always attempt to read the book before watching the movie.)

Rain or snow (Rain, because I have never seen snow so I really can’t pick snow and I like the sound of heavy rain drops falling.)

Painting or drawing (Watercolor painting, I have only painted a few times with watercolor but I love the outcome. )

T-shirts or sweaters (T-shirts, but I still love sweaters.)

Writing poetry or reading poetry (Writing, besides my own poetry I am not always attracted to much of other poetry.)

Frozen yogurt or ice cream (Ice cream! )

And that’s all for this time, I have other interests and not so common likes but this was just a list I was copying off of the internet. So yeah until next time. Bye.

~ hiddengirl75



- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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