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Favorite books and series

So from my about me post you have probably deducted that I like reading. However please don’t think that because I like reading that’s all I do, many of my friends seem to think that my only interest is reading. They have labeled me as a bookworm and overachiever. Honestly it kind of hurts when people think that’s all I do, but that topic is for another post. So let’s continue…


What is the definition of favorite? Is it something that you like too much? Is it something that you always chose when you have a choice? To be honest I have problems when picking favorite books or series.

It really isn’t that hard for me to like a book, majority of the time I love every book I read so it is hard to pick a favorite. If you asked me what my favorite book is I would probably tell you the most recent book I read. If I was in my sci-fi stage I would say the latest sci-fi book I had read. However if you ever wanted to get a super clear answer from me you would have to be more specific, asking me questions such as: What is you favorite (genre) book? If you aren’t to the point you might not get a certain or clear answer.

Favorite Books and series

Sci-fi: Honor Among Thieves by Ann Agurrie and Rachel Caine or The vault of dreamers by Caragh M. O’Brien

Fantasy: Deep Blue (Waterfire saga) by Jennifer Donnelly

Realistic Fiction: Teach me to forget by Erica M. Chapman (I have a LOT of realistic fiction faves but this is my most recent fave, it made me cry a lot.)

Dystopian: The selection by Kiera Cass (I absolutely love this series and the rest of Cass’s work.) or Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

Honestly I have way too many favorite books, I simply can’t decide but on the spot these are probably the books that I would think of. I wish I could have listed all my favorite books but that is simply too long of a list. To be completely truthful I don’t remember why I liked certain books because it was such a long time ago that I read it.

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