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What’s so great about it?
Why does everyone want it?
Do I need it?

It is such an easy word
To throw around
Why do we give it so much meaning and yet so little?

We say “I love it!”
Do we really?

What is love?
How do you love?
How do we use love?

So easy to say.
Too easy to say.
So much meaning and yet so little.

Do I need love?
Do you need love?

Maybe not.
But do you crave it and want it?
Simple, yes.

That’s why I hate it and the word.
It’s too easy to use or misuse.
Too easy to say.

And love itself is such a touchy subject.
Can you say it?
“I love it” or “I love you”

It should be heavy
When you say it

It should hold meaning
But does it?

A poem based off a weekend challenge that I missed the deadline to.  So here I am posting it here, because I haven’t posted poetry in awhile.

Until we meet again…

~ hiddengirl75



- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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