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Carpe Diem…need I say more?

Guess who just watched Dead Poets Society more times than what is probably healthy?! πŸ™‹πŸ½ Look I had zero expectations going in, I’ve heard about it before watching but I basically knew nothing about it. Cue the appearance of it on Youtube for free with ads….at 9pm on a school night….what else was I supposed to do, not watch it?? So, as the story goes I watched it and kind of did my homework at the same time. What a way to spend a Thursday night.

Basically that’s all I wanted to say. But also just wanted to shout my love for this movie and the characters from the top of a roof. Besides Richard Cameron, like ew no. Anyway, I’ve been scrolling through Pinterest aesthetics for this movie since then. Kind of want to make one myself……thinking about it as I write this, might include it at the end of this word vomit.

Oooh new goal for this year, read and own the book. Maybe even own the movie on DVD, I think that’d be cool.

Haha I seriously have no train of thought and just wanted to post something to share with you peeps πŸ™ƒ

I’ve also recently watched Freedom Writers an unhealthy amount of times. That was such an amazing movie. I also watched it in the middle of the night….huh guess that’s a trend. I even ordered the book…kind of excited to read it.

Movies like those kind of just make you want to follow your dreams….even when you don’t really know where they’ll lead you. Taking the road less traveled, right?

They almost inspire me enough to write a new poem….almost. πŸ˜…

Until we meet again…follow your dreams.




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