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2 Years + 1 Month of Wandering

2 years and 1 month! Can I believe it? Nope! Is it true? Apparently??

I am so happy I still have this blog, even though I haven’t posted recently. Considering that a while ago I thought about deleting my blog, I think that the fact I’m now proud of it is worth a lot.

I still can’t believe I missed my actual 2 year anniversary, but time isn’t really relevant anymore…is it? I’ve spent my entire, well almost entire sophomore year online, it’s crazy. I think I’ve grown quite a bit, though I’m not sure how that will help my poetry writing seeing that I haven’t written anything new recently. Which is kind of sad, but I’m working on it. The summer time will be when I post more, hopefully. 🙂

Looking Back…

I had 3 hopes from my post last year and I’ve completed 2.

  1. I hope to keep up writing poems but I feel that I have hit a writer’s block. ✔️
  2. I plan to find a name for my egg person.
  3. I will have more adventures that I will be able to share. ✔️

I was able to write a handful of poems that I’m pretty proud of like…”Sweet Spinning” and “Skies.” I like all my poems, so feel free to check them out after reading this post!

My egg person unfortunately still does not have a name, but if you have any suggestions I am open to ideas!

Our picnic set up, so aesthetic (Photo by me)

I have had more adventures and they’ve been great! I’ve gone hiking, picnicking and movie nights with friends, volunteering, and going out of my comfort zone. I joined my school’s newspaper staff this year and that definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. As a result, I’ve gotten more comfortable emailing others and taking pictures of school events. I also tried out and loved a new category in speech and debate. I currently do Duo Interpretation with one of my best friends, where we learn and perform a script. I absolutely love performing and have become much more extroverted. I’ve had tons of fun and plan to do more next year, maybe I’ll blog about it?

Future Hopes!

  1. I hope to do more posts outside of poetry.
  2. I want to post regularly, at least once a week.
  3. I want to add more pictures or something to my posts, I feel like my posts are just a bunch of words and that’s understandable for poetry but for everything else I want to add more ✨color✨.

Until we meet again…

I can’t wait to see what the future holds. This year has been great so far, I’ve meet a handful of new people and I’ve interacting with other blogs on WordPress more!

I hope that everyone stays safe, healthy, and happy! Do things for yourself, you deserve it! Thank you all for being here!!

~hiddengirl75 💕

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1 Year of Wandering…

I can’t believe that it has already been a year…so much has changed. The world that everyone is in and my own bubble world have changed quite a bit. We are currently in a pandemic, the current school year has been transferred online and who knows when life will go back to normal.

What else has happened for me within this year of wandering?

Well, I am now a high schooler. When I first started this blog I was in middle school, how I wish to be back there. My first year of high school hasn’t been the smoothest, but I suppose most people feel this way about high school. All I can hope is that it will get better and yet I am definitely aware that it might not.

I am writing more poetry now on my blog rather then just blurbs of thoughts that are on my mind. Rather there are now poems that come from my thoughts.

Future hopes…

What will come next in this new year of wandering?

  1. I hope to keep up writing poems but I feel that I have hit a writer’s block.
  2. I plan to find a name for my egg person.
  3. I will have more adventures that I will be able to share.

Hopefully life as we know it will return to normal soon. I know that it probably won’t but it never hurts to hope. We all need a little hope, don’t we? Life is hard but I sure hope that it will all result in something positive.

Well until we met again…

~ hiddengirl75