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I don’t know what to say
But when I see a sky I think of you
It’s breathtaking and colorful
Everything I’d like to share 
Photos don’t capture its essence
The colors are muted, almost dead
So I don’t show you
I could explain!
But words couldn’t do it justice, so I don’t. 
Is it enough to know it made me think of you?
But it’s so easy to overthink and that message is never sent.
It was orange and pink, red too… maybe some purple
The sun was setting and the sky glowed… but you’ll never know. 

I saw the sky again, blue. 
Breathtaking and beautiful 
The phone didn’t get it right, again. 
I thought of you
When I saw the deep blues and turquoise. 
Why? I don’t know
But skies make me think of you

I suppose it’s more than just skies
Everything makes me think of you
When I’m excited one of my first thoughts is to tell you
Or if I have a song stuck in my head
Or if I had a bad day
That meme reminded me of you too
Gosh you’re everywhere 
And I don’t think it’s that way for you

It hurts but,
Whatever this is it’s probably one-sided, right?
I don’t know how you are around others but I’m probably not special
And I highly doubt anything makes you think of me

But it’s so easy to dream, so I do
Because skies make me think of you 


P.S. The photo is mine.



- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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