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The Mistakes of Forgiving

I make mistakes 
One after another
Repeating some
Just to be sure

Does this make me at fault
For the hurt that follows? 
One after the other
Again and again

Humans must not like happiness 
Seeing as I make the same mistakes 
Give second chances 
And get hurt again

I made the mistake 
Of forgiving you again
With each time 
You cut deeper

No apologies given
No regret 
You don’t even know
That it hurts
So I forgive

You can’t defend yourself
From my silent accusations
So, how can I blame you?
You have no clue.
So I forgive

I forgive 
And with no reason

You didn’t apologize 
And still I forgave you
Does that mean it’s my fault I get hurt again and again? 
Did I hand you a second bullet? 
Just for you to shoot me once more? 

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson
When I’m broken and dying
Maybe I’ll learn to not forgive 
Quickly, quietly, or at all.


Image by nile from Pixabay


- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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