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Questionable Physics Classes

Freshman year 
Period 3 Physics
With Mr. Sneeze
Quite questionable to say the least

We jumped from
To health 
Then to social studies

Star wars
Video games
And social beliefs?!

Centripetal force?
Cocaine in hospitals?!
Half of us would have been dead in the medieval century?!

In this class
We were sports announcers
Roller coaster designers
And confused out of our minds!

We found physics 
In self defense
And stop lights?

But overall
It was fun 
With outrageous conversations

I guess it was questionable 
But worked all the same
Because I can still tell you
How to find the velocity of a flying airplane.


P.S. Image is mine. A picture of my own 9th grade physics homework.



- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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