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I want…

I want to live in the moment.
I want to look at the stars and wonder.
I want to talk to the moon and dream.
I want to wake early to see the sunrise. 
I want to close my eyes just for a moment and simply be. 

But the world won’t let me. 

My deadlines hang in the air above me. 
My homework creates piles that drown me. 
My doom ticks closer with each passing day, each passing breath. 

There is no time to live in the moment. 
There is no time for me to wonder, dream, be, breathe, 
or even get a decent amount of sleep.


Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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Questionable Physics Classes

Freshman year 
Period 3 Physics
With Mr. Sneeze
Quite questionable to say the least

We jumped from
To health 
Then to social studies

Star wars
Video games
And social beliefs?!

Centripetal force?
Cocaine in hospitals?!
Half of us would have been dead in the medieval century?!

In this class
We were sports announcers
Roller coaster designers
And confused out of our minds!

We found physics 
In self defense
And stop lights?

But overall
It was fun 
With outrageous conversations

I guess it was questionable 
But worked all the same
Because I can still tell you
How to find the velocity of a flying airplane.


P.S. Image is mine. A picture of my own 9th grade physics homework.

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Failure and Midnight

The perfect time to overthink and become disappointed. 

Small mishap away from the perfect grade. 

In myself and stupid mistakes.
Myself from sadness with homework and music. 


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High School Relationships

High school relationships 
Now that's something 
I'd never do

The drama
And clinging
Just makes me want to go,

Friends disappear
For days at a time
And come running back
When they've got a problem on their mind

The tears and break-ups 
That's a normal thing
But seriously in high school
Everyone seems to just want a fling

Now let me tell you 
Something I'd never do
Relationships in high school. 

I had a lot of fun with this poem. Please don’t get offended if you are in a high school relationship. This is just how I view relationships at my school.

~ hiddengirl75

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To say 
I'm not very opinionated 
To start with
Is not the truth
I have much to say 
But words escape me
My mind goes blank 
And I hold my tongue
Assuming things
You fill the blanks
And say
Well you're not very opinionated to begin with
But you've only seen
A part of me
A part that's grown
Or better yet,
As school has taught me 
To hold my tongue.

~ hiddengirl75


A Piece of Wisdom

Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes.

Maggie Smith
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Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
That's my phrase
To describe 
What goes on 
Up in my brain
Too many thoughts 
And projects to name
Or otherwise publically named
Take deep breaths
And write it out
But wait...
Hold up...
I forgot it all just now. 
What a mess. 
What to do?
Nothing ever comes out just right.
What about for you?
You see, 
When I start to multi-task
Lamas yodle 
And start to to ask
And look
There it goes
My mumbo jumbo mind
Trailing off again
And now I've forgotten
The next 5 lines
For now I'll try
To organize
My mumbo jumbo mind. 

~ hiddengirl75

P.S. Isn’t my little messy brain dude, just so adorable. I drew him myself on the google drawings thingy in drive. I’m kind of proud of it. 😆

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Why are you stressed?
They ask.

You shouldn't be.
They say.

So then you pretend.
Pretend you're not.
Not stressed.
There's no reason to be.

But why can't I?
Is it a reserved emotion?
Signed with:
Upper Classmen ONLY.

You're a freshman.
It's easy.
They say.


You're in all my classes
It's so easy.

Apparently it's so easy.
But then ... why am I stressed?
I have NO REASON to be. 

My exams have ended yay!

~ hiddengirl75

P.S – I’m not entirely sure but I think this post is best viewed on computer, as the block I used doesn’t seem to work on mobile devices (phones, tablets.) So sorry, and thank you.