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Mumbo Jumbo

Mumbo Jumbo
That's my phrase
To describe 
What goes on 
Up in my brain
Too many thoughts 
And projects to name
Or otherwise publically named
Take deep breaths
And write it out
But wait...
Hold up...
I forgot it all just now. 
What a mess. 
What to do?
Nothing ever comes out just right.
What about for you?
You see, 
When I start to multi-task
Lamas yodle 
And start to to ask
And look
There it goes
My mumbo jumbo mind
Trailing off again
And now I've forgotten
The next 5 lines
For now I'll try
To organize
My mumbo jumbo mind. 

~ hiddengirl75

P.S. Isn’t my little messy brain dude, just so adorable. I drew him myself on the google drawings thingy in drive. I’m kind of proud of it. 😆


- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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