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A Passing Thought

How can it be? 
How is it that? 
How… has a person who meant so much…
Become just a passing thought?

You use to be the one
I waited for
Watched for texts from
And prayed would notice me.

Just days ago I figured
That you meant the world to me.
But now as I linger
The thought is not what I believed. 

I watched your texts come in. 
I saw what you had to say.
But now I'm not sure what I believe
As I read them and walk away. 

Hours pass
And thoughts drift by
You were once my main thought 
But now as the seconds fly by
You become a mere second thought
A breath that passes by.

Were my feelings wrong?
Did I misunderstand?
Or was I seeing through a pink stained glass with a clouded view?
It could be any of those
As it seems that I no longer can feel 
The butterflies
That used to swarm me
At every thought of you

I guess it’s all over 
And that this is goodbye
It was fun having you as my world
But now that I’ve let go…
My world has become my own.


P.S. The featured image is not my photo, I found it on We Heart It.


- high schooler - poet - wanderer

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