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I’m sick
For my second home
It’s not a place but rather people
Memories that I’ve made 
With the kids, I knew in 2nd grade

I miss the smiles and the laughter
The events that felt like an escape
I remember everything quite fondly
Even the moments that made me want to run away

There’s a warmth that I’ve associated with them
A feeling that I’ve longed for
Smiles that felt like hugs and yet,
Old pictures make me feel sick
An emptiness inside
Making me want to cry

I dream about meeting up
Imagining interactions
Fond recounts
And catching up

But when I run into them
It’s awkward
I run away
Or shift, stand and smile
Conversations do not flow
Like I had hoped
But rather my words get jumbled
No longer do they feel like home

So I retreat 
To my memories
Where they still feel like home
And dream of the times
Smiles were hugs


P.S. I have a Talk Story blog post coming out soon for a tag I was nominated to do, and I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to do it but school has been draining my creativity :/

So, I hope you enjoy this poem that came from a burst of creativity and nostalgia. 💕

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I don’t know what to say
But when I see a sky I think of you
It’s breathtaking and colorful
Everything I’d like to share 
Photos don’t capture its essence
The colors are muted, almost dead
So I don’t show you
I could explain!
But words couldn’t do it justice, so I don’t. 
Is it enough to know it made me think of you?
But it’s so easy to overthink and that message is never sent.
It was orange and pink, red too… maybe some purple
The sun was setting and the sky glowed… but you’ll never know. 

I saw the sky again, blue. 
Breathtaking and beautiful 
The phone didn’t get it right, again. 
I thought of you
When I saw the deep blues and turquoise. 
Why? I don’t know
But skies make me think of you

I suppose it’s more than just skies
Everything makes me think of you
When I’m excited one of my first thoughts is to tell you
Or if I have a song stuck in my head
Or if I had a bad day
That meme reminded me of you too
Gosh you’re everywhere 
And I don’t think it’s that way for you

It hurts but,
Whatever this is it’s probably one-sided, right?
I don’t know how you are around others but I’m probably not special
And I highly doubt anything makes you think of me

But it’s so easy to dream, so I do
Because skies make me think of you 


P.S. The photo is mine.

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I want…

I want to live in the moment.
I want to look at the stars and wonder.
I want to talk to the moon and dream.
I want to wake early to see the sunrise. 
I want to close my eyes just for a moment and simply be. 

But the world won’t let me. 

My deadlines hang in the air above me. 
My homework creates piles that drown me. 
My doom ticks closer with each passing day, each passing breath. 

There is no time to live in the moment. 
There is no time for me to wonder, dream, be, breathe, 
or even get a decent amount of sleep.


Image by skeeze from Pixabay

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Questionable Physics Classes

Freshman year 
Period 3 Physics
With Mr. Sneeze
Quite questionable to say the least

We jumped from
To health 
Then to social studies

Star wars
Video games
And social beliefs?!

Centripetal force?
Cocaine in hospitals?!
Half of us would have been dead in the medieval century?!

In this class
We were sports announcers
Roller coaster designers
And confused out of our minds!

We found physics 
In self defense
And stop lights?

But overall
It was fun 
With outrageous conversations

I guess it was questionable 
But worked all the same
Because I can still tell you
How to find the velocity of a flying airplane.


P.S. Image is mine. A picture of my own 9th grade physics homework.

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Save Me

Save me from my own self destruction
A path I am stumbling down

Piles that touch the sky

Tearing myself down
No self confidence
Struggling to float

Grasping at air

Doom seems inevitable
My candle’s flame flickering out
One strong gust and it could disappear
I could disappear

So save me from myself 
The path of destruction 
I’ve set myself upon

A weight on my back
A thing I am struggling to live

The bleakness that is my view
A window I stare out into
Empty, dark, endless

This is what the day brings
A harsh reality
A path to my doom


P.S Not my image, found on Pinterest.

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Sweet Spinning

I don’t remember how old I was
But I knew at that moment 
I was in trouble

Were we running?
Horse playing?
Who knows…
But oh how much trouble we were in

We were told to sit 
So we sat
On the wooden benches
Quiet and impatient
Fidgeting under the hot sun

I was bored 
Utterly bored 
And full of rebellion

I’m not sure what got into me
But suddenly I was spinning
The world around me was a blur
And I was flying
Weightless, free, and full of reckless abandon

But freedom doesn’t last
And time froze
As I fell

Face first
Onto the asphalt
Face, hands, and knees

Tears, bruises, and scolding followed
But just for a moment
I had tasted freedom
And it had been so sweet 


Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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Beautiful Words

Beautiful words
From minds 
Yet different

The only word
I can think to use
Though they are so much more

Simple yet complex
Childish yet wise
Charming yet haunting

Sharp contrasts 
Yet similar
And oh so

Beauty I wish I could have
Eloquent and curled
Words tied with silk
And written in gold

Far beyond my reach
They taunt me 
Whispering in my ear
Brushing against my lips

Beauty that is not mine to hold
Anger, jealousy, sorrow
All for my own

Why must they torture me
Pulling, shoving, giggling
As I stand by helplessly watching

Beauty beyond my own 
Words so eloquent
I wish to whisper

To think so beautifully
To speak so eloquently
To share… 

A hope
A wish
A plea

My only thought,
Word, whisper… 


Image by Anja🤗#helpinghands #solidarity#stays healthy🙏 from Pixabay

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Too Easily

Forgiving too easily
May be one of my many flaws
It does nothing 
But give another chance
For hurt to befall me

I pick up the pieces of my heart
Too quickly 
And smile
Too soon

Even I can see 
The danger of this
But that does me no good

I cried for the day
By tomorrow 
I’ll smile
Like nothing happened

I forgive too easily
But I don’t heal 
Fast enough

My emotions stumble
Struggling to keep up
But I can’t help it
‘Cause one of my many flaws
Is forgiving too easily


Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

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The Mistakes of Forgiving

I make mistakes 
One after another
Repeating some
Just to be sure

Does this make me at fault
For the hurt that follows? 
One after the other
Again and again

Humans must not like happiness 
Seeing as I make the same mistakes 
Give second chances 
And get hurt again

I made the mistake 
Of forgiving you again
With each time 
You cut deeper

No apologies given
No regret 
You don’t even know
That it hurts
So I forgive

You can’t defend yourself
From my silent accusations
So, how can I blame you?
You have no clue.
So I forgive

I forgive 
And with no reason

You didn’t apologize 
And still I forgave you
Does that mean it’s my fault I get hurt again and again? 
Did I hand you a second bullet? 
Just for you to shoot me once more? 

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson
When I’m broken and dying
Maybe I’ll learn to not forgive 
Quickly, quietly, or at all.


Image by nile from Pixabay

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Sometimes I think there’s a hero inside of me
A part of me that wants to save them all
To protect my friends
And stop untimely fictional deaths
Then there’s the days where
I can’t even save myself

So I don’t think it’s possible 
‘Cause how can you save someone
From what’s already happened
How can you save someone 
That’s already doomed

Harsh words 
That were spat out in fury
Heard by the one who would hurt the most

A beautifully written scene
Read by many, whose hearts broke
Who stained the pages with their tears
And begged for the impossible

So it would seem that it’s not possible
To save everyone, oh dear
So, sorry to the hero inside of me
But there is no hero here

I couldn’t save my friends
Or the characters that aren’t real
But how could you expect me to
When on some days I can’t even feel. 


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay