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The Mistakes of Forgiving

I make mistakes 
One after another
Repeating some
Just to be sure

Does this make me at fault
For the hurt that follows? 
One after the other
Again and again

Humans must not like happiness 
Seeing as I make the same mistakes 
Give second chances 
And get hurt again

I made the mistake 
Of forgiving you again
With each time 
You cut deeper

No apologies given
No regret 
You don’t even know
That it hurts
So I forgive

You can’t defend yourself
From my silent accusations
So, how can I blame you?
You have no clue.
So I forgive

I forgive 
And with no reason

You didn’t apologize 
And still I forgave you
Does that mean it’s my fault I get hurt again and again? 
Did I hand you a second bullet? 
Just for you to shoot me once more? 

Maybe I’ll learn my lesson
When I’m broken and dying
Maybe I’ll learn to not forgive 
Quickly, quietly, or at all.


Image by nile from Pixabay

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Sometimes I think there’s a hero inside of me
A part of me that wants to save them all
To protect my friends
And stop untimely fictional deaths
Then there’s the days where
I can’t even save myself

So I don’t think it’s possible 
‘Cause how can you save someone
From what’s already happened
How can you save someone 
That’s already doomed

Harsh words 
That were spat out in fury
Heard by the one who would hurt the most

A beautifully written scene
Read by many, whose hearts broke
Who stained the pages with their tears
And begged for the impossible

So it would seem that it’s not possible
To save everyone, oh dear
So, sorry to the hero inside of me
But there is no hero here

I couldn’t save my friends
Or the characters that aren’t real
But how could you expect me to
When on some days I can’t even feel. 


Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

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In my little bubble 
The world is rainbow colored
Safe, happy and peaceful
Simply ideal

Ever so often my bubble pops
And terror runs unreined
Human nature is terrifying 
And rather inhumane

They all claim to want peace
Yet arguments ensue
On the littlest of subjects
To human rights issues

Humans must have problems
Or Ares is a bit bored
It seems Hades will be welcoming
Many many more

I want to blow my bubble
And hide away once more
The world isn’t rainbow colored
And that is something
I really do not adore

It is not that simple though
As terror now reigns free 
It is in my bubble 
And terrifying me 

The world is in chaos
The prologue to a teenage novel
Dystopian, Sci-fi, or maybe History
Honestly it’s probably 
All bloody three

Who will face these problems
That humans have created
It almost seems as if 
They think logic is overrated

But maybe once things are solved
I won’t have to be in a bubble
To see a rainbow colored world


Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay

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I can't believe 
How many times 
You've crossed my mind

I reached for my phone 
To text you 
And you alone
But then I stopped halfway

I want to say I miss you
But I won't 
Since who would that help anyway

It hurts to look back
At the things we once had
Like our 24/7 conversations 
From yesterday

You've disappeared 
And now all I can feel 
Is heartbreak and disarray


P.S Image by ElisaRiva from Pixabay

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A Passing Thought

How can it be? 
How is it that? 
How… has a person who meant so much…
Become just a passing thought?

You use to be the one
I waited for
Watched for texts from
And prayed would notice me.

Just days ago I figured
That you meant the world to me.
But now as I linger
The thought is not what I believed. 

I watched your texts come in. 
I saw what you had to say.
But now I'm not sure what I believe
As I read them and walk away. 

Hours pass
And thoughts drift by
You were once my main thought 
But now as the seconds fly by
You become a mere second thought
A breath that passes by.

Were my feelings wrong?
Did I misunderstand?
Or was I seeing through a pink stained glass with a clouded view?
It could be any of those
As it seems that I no longer can feel 
The butterflies
That used to swarm me
At every thought of you

I guess it’s all over 
And that this is goodbye
It was fun having you as my world
But now that I’ve let go…
My world has become my own.


P.S. The featured image is not my photo, I found it on We Heart It.

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Returning to the Past

I would like to go back
To when things didn't matter
When exactly was that? 
I can't seen to remember

Laughter and make believe magic
When was that real?
I remember the time vaguely
Why can't I feel?

I wish to return 
And never come back
Because simplicity and smiles
Are a thing of the past

When magic was real
And laughter rang free
That's where I'd like to return to 

A simple request
Yet impossible to confess
As responsibility is present tense

~ hiddengirl75

P.S. The featured image is not my photo, I found it on Pinterest.

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Like a Flower

You once called me beautiful
A flower
Your rose

Our love blossomed
And together we danced
But slowly
It...we died

Like flower petals with no wind
We fell
And yet we still hit the ground

To you in our death
My petals wilted
And your rose 
Turned into a wrinkled piece of what used to be beautiful

~ hiddengirl75

P.S. The featured image is not my photo, I found it on Tumblr.

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Lonely and Waiting

Staring at my phone
In isolation
Waiting for something...anything...

A ring
A ping
Any sound at all

The screen remains blank
The room remains silent

In isolation
No company at all

~ hiddengirl75

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The funny thing about memories.

The funny thing about memories. 
Is that it really isn’t funny.
They pop up and stick to you, 
like a thing that won’t go. 
You may shake your head and wish,
but they might never go. 
Your only hope is to forget,
but it isn’t all that easy.
I have a couple memories that sometimes I wish would go. 
An embarrassing moment 
or horrible thought 
that just won’t let go. 
I’m sure you’ve experienced this 
or seen it second hand. 
And let me tell you
That it just won’t do
When that sticky memory 
Sticks to you like glue

~ hiddengirl75

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Holding On

Remembering something I want to never forget
May it be secrets or smiles
My wish is to never forget them

I am holding onto something
That I never intend to let go of
The secrets, the smiles, the never ending story
I hold them to me

These are the things I don't ever want to let go of
These are the memories I shall never forget 
They shall remain until the end of time

~ hiddengirl75

P.S The featured image is not my image, found on Google.